Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excellent Fast Robin

Hi Robin here, Well I always knew I was an excellent dog and a fast dog as well but now it's official. At the Thanksgiving cluster trial I earned my Excellent Fast title. so now I'm Robin, CDX, AX, AXJ, XF. I'm pretty proud of the third place because in a class of 56 dogs--some of them reeeal experienced, only 7 got Q scores. I have to rest up now because it was a long tiring weekend. I didn't manage to Q in any of my other classes and Dad was very disappointed since we'd been working hard but I just get soooo excited that I'd rather herd than jump and I just can't stay on those yellow contact things.

Zeeba did pretty good for a dumb puppy that's already in Excellent B classes. He kept the bars up in 4 out of 6 classes which is great for him since he runs faster than he thinks. He also got a Q in one standard class and in one jumpers class. that makes 4 MX legs and 2 MXJ legs. He was trying out new ways to NQ however, like flying off the see-saw--even tho he landed with his butt on the board and did his down --but it didn't save him. Then he missed a weave entrance--which he never has done before in a trial. Oh--and his steering went out in one jumpers class, but Mom is responsible for some of his errors.

Well that's the last of the trials for this year and it's time for Mom to clean house and do shopping and get ready for the holidays. If I don't get Mom to help me blog again I hope everybody has a great Christmas and other holidays (get lots of new bones and treats).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer update

Hi, it's Robin here. It's been a hot summer so we didn't train too much. We discovered that Zeeba is allergic to bee stings so Mom has to watch him real careful. Then when it was time to get ready for a trial, Zeeba came down with Lyme disease--poor guy he was really hurting. The vet gave him some medicine and he felt better real fast but couldn' t practice agility for weeks.

Finally we got to go to an agility trial called Susque-Nango. Zeeba was running real good the first day but being a little rusty knocked down a bar in each class. Then Saturday he aced his jumpers class for a blue ribbon and a new title: AXJ. He was going great guns in Standard but just before the end of the course, he ran so fast that he forgot about that yellow zone on the dog walk. On Sunday, he was a total brat, not focused at all and had all kinds of errors in Standard , then was doing great in jumpers but had trouble running "through the box" with a 270 afterwards so didn't Q. Anyway Mom was happy that he is feeling great and not lame after all that work.

As usual Dad and I had our communications problems but we came just one jump from a Q in most of my classes--but we did get a first place in the Excellent Fast class.

Usually we enjoy camping in the RV when we go to trials but this time was a nightmare. On one side of us were 6 PBGVs abd 2 Aussies who barked CONSTANTLY. On the other side the people invited all their relatives and had a big family reunion. Mom had a 3 Tylenol headache, then at 1 AM some noisy vehicles were driving around the campgrounds and woke us all up. it's no wonder Mom and Zeeba had a bad day on Sunday.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer fun

Hi from Robin, Here's some fun things I like to do in the summer. Zeeba still hasn't learned to like to swim.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well here I am, Zeeba, in my favorite sleeping place in front of the fan. Even the cool air conditioning feels better when it is moving around. It's too HOT to do anything outside so I'll update my Blog. We had a nice mini vacation taking the RV to Maine for an agility trial. In Three days Robin Q'd once in the Fast Class and I Q'd once in EX standard and once in EX JWW. I had some bad luck with bars falling down and Mom sort so being out of synch on a rear cross. We have to practice more of them. The courses weren't all that hard but the rings were slopey and Mom has trouble running uphill. There was a miniature horse show at the Fairgrounds and we had fun watching some of their classes--sort of like equine agility. Our campsite was right near the rings and even had electric and water. Friends we know in Maine came to visit and Dad forgot to video most of my classes. Bummer. On the way home we stopped at LL Beans and Mom and Dad went shopping. They also took us to a pet store so we could shop too. That was fun--such yummy smells!!!!!!

This Saturday was an agility trial at our club AOC. On Saturday Robin had a real good Fast Run taking a blue ribbon and getting her Open Fast title. I didn't do so good. I got so far ahead of Mom that she couldn't get me into the right end of the tunnel in Standard and I somehow got behind her in jumpers and got lost. Sunday was to be our last trial for the summer but Mom wasn't feeling good and didn't think she could run in the hot weather so we stayed home while Dad and Robin went without us. Bummer now I'll have to wait until September to try to finish my Excellent titles just need one more leg. Sounds funny since I have four :-),

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAAC agility trial June 19 and 20 by Zeeba

Hi from your friend Zeeba. Mom has time to help me with my blog so here goes. This weekend we took the RV to High Goal Farm again for two days of agility. The weather was a little better than last time but it got really hot on Sunday. Poor Robin still wasn't feeling too good ( she had pee pee problems) for her first class and it was a disaster but she and Dad got better as the weekend progressed. However just when I thought they would Q she cheated on her weave poles. Well I had a little more success. My first jumpers class Open had 3 tunnels but fortunately nooo monstsers. I did run past the first one-Mom's fault- but in Open I get a second chance and I did Q to finish my Open JWW title and a blue ribbon. Then Open standard in the afternoon I was really good and got a first place to finish my Open Std title. Next day I did Excellent courses and in the morning we did standard and Mom really made me stay on my contacts and had to convince me to keep my elbows down on the table but I got a Q and first place. In the afternoon there were NO tunnels in jumpers and if I hadn't looked at the course map beforehand Mom would have gotten lost, but I saved the day and we got our Q and another first place. I felt so sorry for the judge at the end of the day--she looked really melted.
A word from Robin: I'm feeling better, thank you, but the vet says I can't go swimming until my bladder is healed. Bummer!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tunnel monsters

Hi from Zeeba. Mom didn't take any pictures this weekend but I have a story to tell about the trial at Hi Goal farm. First about Robin: she and Dad really looked like they were a team but unfortunately a few slip-ups kept the Q's away. Now Idiscovered some things Ididn't know before: there are monsters in tunnels--at least I think so. On Saturday the chute was daaark green and located in a poorly lit area of the ring (they didn't have ALL the lights on) . I was having a great Open standard run when I was supposed to push my face through that green wall--well noooo way. Who knew what was on the other side. At least the jumpers class had no tunnels so I got my blue ribbon. You should have seen twinkletoes Mom do two front crosses in a row. Then on Sunday in the Standard Class there were two-- yes two tunnels and that Green chute. Mom screwed up and sent me into the wrong end of the yellow tunnel--fortunately there were no monsters--but things got a little confusing because Igot behind Mom while she was trying to figure out how to rescue the run--and things went downhill from there. Then a Daaark red tunnel with a double bend--well no way was I going through THAT one!!!! I did it on the third try. And guess what??? There was that GREEN chute--but all the lights were on today and it wasn't so scary after all. What a relief!!! Now the jumpers class---there was that DARK red tunnel again. Iwas going great guns but put on the brakes--what if it had a double bend???-- and the judge said "refusal" but I went through after all and sincethat was only one boo boo and in Open I still got a Q--and guess what? anotherblue ribbon. I sure h ope when i go there again in two weeks that all the lights are on to scare the monsters away.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LEAP Agility trial

Hi from Zeeba: Mom said I could blog about the Leap agility trial and show the ribbons I won and the treats Mom and Dad bought me because I didn't get any new toys. (Robin thinks that some of them are for her) . The first day was great, I got a first in Novice jumpers and a new title NAJ. I also got a first place in my first Open standard class. Robin had some good runs, but no Q. On Sunday I also got first in Open standard but dropped a bar in Open jumpers--I was trying to catch up to Mom who got too far ahead of me at the tunnel. Robin yelled at Dad a lot. On Monday, neither of us got a Q. I thought that it was such a great day and early in the morning I was just so full of myself that I just couldn't connect with Mom--she wanted me to turn and I wanted to go straight. Well the grass was wet and slippery and I slipped and fell after a jump (and I was sort of crazy) so Mom took me off course. Robin didn't do well in jumpers either. I did real good in my standard course until Mom flubbed a rear cross, then I took off too early for the next jump and the bar fell down. Oh well there's another trial next weekend and I'll try real hard to keep the bars up. Here's a picture of my stuff:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PNUT Agility trial

Hi, it's Zeeba: Mom said I could show this picture in my blog cuz I looks so cute. This was from Thursday when I got first place in Novice Standard for my new title and first in Novice jmpers for a second leg. Too bad I couldn't do as well on Saturday. Mom needs to be a better handler and I need to keep the bars up when I'm running real fast. We'll try again next weekend at the LEAP trial in Granby. We'll be taking the motorhome which I don't like too much because I don't get to run and play off leash.

PNUT Agility trial

PNUT Agility trial

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Agility Trial MKHA

This is Robin and do I hate to have my picture taken but Mom says I have to show the ribbons I earned this weekend at the Mid-Hudson KC Agility trial. I really love the FAST class--and so does Dad cuz he has fun figuring out a course that will get the most points. So on Saturday we got first in Novice FAST and that was my new title. On Sunday we moved up to Open FAST and won first place in that class also. So I have 3 new ribbons and 2 new toys.
Mom and Zeeba were showing also. On Saturday Zeeba took first place in the Novice Standard class but Mom helped him NQ in jumpers. He also got a ribbon and water bucket for being the highest scoring sheltie in Novice standard. Then on Sunday, a really really hot day, Gramma Toni was there and Zeeba showed off by getting his first Novice Jww leg with a very fast time and another blue ribbon (and another toy). Unfortunately at the end of a hot muggy day he goofed in Novice standard , too bad because it would have been his title. He likes to pose for pictures.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


ROBIN TO ZEEBA: I'm really sorry (not) that I accidently (not) pushed you off the dock into the pond the other day. I was in a hurry to go swimming and you were in my way. However when I first came to live here--before you were even born--I had sheltie friends who looooved the water and swam with me all the time. See how happy they look in their picture all soaking wet. That's Sparrow and Merlin who now live with the angels.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is here

Hi, it's Robin reporting: Sunday Mom took this picture to share of the cherry blossoms against the clear blue sky. On our walk this morning we noticed that the shadbush was blooming, the red maples are shedding their pollen and all kinds of birds are singing including the chipping sparrows which have been away for the winter. There is coltsfoot in bloom along the road and dandylions are popping up in the dog yard. Mom thinks that she'll have to cut the grass next week. A soft spring rain started just as we went out and I think I heard thunder in the distance . Oh Oh!!!
Zeeba has some stuff to report: Mom and I went to agility class yesterday and learned that there are still some things we need to work on like weave entries when I'm running real fast and going from obstacle focus back to handler focus so I go into the tunnel instead up the A-frame. And Mom still needs to support me until I'm committed to an obstacle--I am still a novice dog after all. ( Notice we don't use babydog any more.) I like seeing my friends at class, but most of all I like RUNNING and JUMPING. Robin didn't come because she doesn't like indoor class because of the static shocks. She is sooooo sensitive but I'm, tough. Love, Zeeba

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canie Company visit

Hi everybody it's Zeeba here. Yesterday I went with the AOC Canine Company to do a show for the elder folks at Hawthorne Ridge. We get to show them how well trained we are and demonstrate how we got that way. My job was recalls and retrieving and jumping and a little agility stuff. I showed how we started learning signals too. We also got to do trix and Abbey the Border collie shared her Yuppy Puppy treat machine with me and we took turns helping ourselfs by pushing the lever. Of course I didn't want that to end. I made everybody laugh when I was supposed to get mom a tissue when she sneezed cuz I pulled 6 out of the box before I brought her one. I would have shredded them too if I had time. Finally we showed how we could stay still while our Moms were out of the room even if people clapped or offered us cookies. That's hard for me since I'm a man of action. After the show we went around so people could pet us and tell us how wonderfulwe were.

Robin doesn't have anything to report except that the chipmunks were late getting up this morning since it was only 13 degrees outside. Now I wish that I hadn't left all my undercoat in the wastebasket!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi, this is me, Zeeba after my very first agility trial. We went to High Goal Farm---had to get up at 4am in the dark to get there. Robin got to run first in excellent Standard and Jumpers and she was really goofy. Dad is getting pretty fed up with her. Then I finally got to get out on course in Novice--I've been waiting to get my chance for a long time. First was the Standard class and I guess I was pretty good. I held my start line, stayed on all my contacts , didn't slide off the pause table and found the weave poles. I ran very fast also and afterward I got a blue ribbon.
Novice jumpers was at the end of the day but I was still raring to go. I was shaking on the start line but stayed and right away I had to find the weave poles--no problem--then I ran really fast and was doing great until coming around a turn and Mom was kinda late telling me to "keep turning" so I went off course. Bad handler Mom! I did get to finish the course over a long straight line and I didn't even look back once. I still got lots of goodies even tho I didn't Q. That was lots of fun and I'm glad I don't have to only watch from the sidelines anymore.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More snow?

Oh no, it's snowing again! Look how dad's got me decked out in a raincoat. It's embarrassing. He wants to keep me warm because the vet/chiropractor says I have some arthritis. I don't know what that is but it makes me walk funny sometimes when I get tired. She wants me to take some herbal antiinflammatory medicine but all I know is that I get some extra globs of canned salmon before my meals. Also I can't play frisbee for a while until my feets are better. Zeeba now gets to have all the fun . He's in trouble tho and Mom says no more off leash walkies for him . (He is just the same age as Sparrow was when he got lost for 2 days.) This morning we were going out to walk in the fields--where I love hunting voles--- and Mom couldn't find Zeeba. She and Dad called and called and Mom was getting really panicky. Turns out Zeeba had ducked into the barn and was sniffing out that feral cat who probably is going to have kittens again. If that weatherman is right about three storms in a row, the fields will be all full of snow again so walkies will be strictly on the road and Zeeba will get all crazy when the cars zip by. He's gotten better since Mom has been stuffing his face if he looks at her instead of the moving vehicles but it's an uphill struggle. Well I've got to get back to the window and watch for squirrels and deer and stuff. Oh and I saw a chipmunk this morning. Love, Robin

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Webb Anderson lesson

HI there, it's Robin here. Dad and I with Mom and Zeeba went for a private lesson yesterday with Webb Anderson. He is doing a handling seminar this weekend at our club but we weren't able to go the whole weekend so we just signed up for an hour of his time. Wow! Dad sure learned a lot about how to run with me. Webb said that I'm such a dedicated herding dog that jumping is not a real priority (well I already know that.) tho I like to jump, herding Dad is much more to my liking. He showed Dad how to set a line (of travel not fishing) so that I would always have a chance to see him and know where I was going a long time ahead. We tried it out and it worked real well -except when Dad forgot. Then of course I have to yell at Dad. Mom wanted to find out why Zeeba sometimes drops bars even tho he's capable of jumping the moon, but of course during the lesson no bars did fall. Zeeba had to show off tho by jumping the triple backwards from a standstill just for the fun of it and lots of other stuff as well .Just because Mom is looking at a jump, Zeeba wants over. It's sort of a control issue but Zeebs sure does have fun. I thought there was a chance I'd have some peace in my life because Webb kept asking Zeeba if he wanted to go home with him. I guess he likes tri Shelties. but--no such luck. We didn't take any pictures but if you can find Mom's profile page on Facebook Lois Fricke posted some photos on her wall from Thursday's class with Sherry.

Monday, February 8, 2010

View from the hill

It's pretty cold and windy on our hill in the winter but the view of sunsets from our yard is spectacular. from Robin and Zeeba

Those are the Catskills in the background.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

More about winter

Zeeba says: I'm glad Mom is not wheeeeezing anymore and can actually sleep laying down-she's in a better mood but she says that I shouldn't complain so much about winter. I should have been around in 2003 when Merlin and Sparrow were trying to do agility outdoors.
Now where is that contact?

Tunnel.........What tunnel???? What do you think I am--a gopher?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter doldrums

Hi Zeeba here: I just got back from a walk with Dad and it was brrrrr cold outside. It was 0 degrees but at least not windy today. Actually it energizes me to want to leap around but when I get inside I head for my fuzzy pillow. Winter is pretty boring except that I did start agility classes. On Saturdays in Karen's class we get to do actual Novice courses so I'll be ready for my first trial --which will be March 20. On Thursdays I'm in Sherry's class which is for advanced dogs. Robin is in the same class. This week class was cancelled Thursday because of snow and I'm not going to class today Saturday because Mom has some sort of virus. So that's why winter is boring. It's fun to watch the other dogs work but I get sort or overexcited when it's Robin's turn so Mom keeps feeding me cookies so I'll forget to watch her. In Sherry's class I'm supposed to learn all about pinwheels and serpentines and good stuff like that . I get to run real fast because we're not training contacts. I can't wait for another school day to come around and I hope it's not snowing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Zeeba update

Hi from Zeeba: Mom has a boo boo knee and she can't come out to play in the snow so she has time to update my training progress. This isn't as much fun as playing agility but I've learned how to find one of those metal things that smells like Mom.
Once I've found it, I bring it to her to get my treat. I still don't like to hold it in my mouth too long cuz it doesn't taste too good and it's slippery. I like the leather ones much better ( so well that I don't always smell them first to make sure it is the right one.) Now Robin alreddy knows how to do this stuff but she doesn't like it because once she got a static electricity shock picking up a metal article. The Club building where we sometimes train has a lot of that static stuff and it's real unpleasant but poor Robin is much more sensitive than I am--I'm a tough boy after all--not a sissy girl.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So how many dogs are in this picture????Hint--count the legs.

So now throw it already--I need to get away from the pest-and my tongue is getting cold.
And don't you like my high fashoin sweater? The brat doesn't get one cuz he's soooo hairy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Treats and tribulations

Hi from Robin and Zeeba. No sooner do we get the white stuff cleaned up around here but it looks like this again. Actually we like to play in it but Mom and Dad think it's a nuisance. and it's COLD so we stay indoors a lot (which is why we get into trouble) By the way, if you see a pack of dogs following a UPS truck that's cuz our package is in there. Bestbullysticks .com was having a sale and Mom ordered us lots of "Moo tubes", beef tendons and Bully Sticks. We had some marrow bones this morning but somehow Zeeba got one that Robin was supposed to have and got his jaw stuck in it. Mom had a (quiet) fit but managed it get him free without using a saw or pulling out his teeth. That's why we're not allowed to have bones when nobody is home.