Monday, November 30, 2009

Robin thinking

Hi, It's Robin here. Mom wanted to share this photo of me thinking. I have lot to think about-like 3 days of Agility at the cluster of shows in Springfield without a single Q. Mom says that Dad and I have to work on our communication skills. Then on Thanksgiving day Zeeba and I had to stay home while the peoples went out to the house where the kitties now live to eat a turkey. But on Saturday we had a fun dinner for Stephanie's birthday and the peoples cooked some critters called Lobsters. Boy were they UGLY! And Zeeba and I got to sample some of the goodest tasting leftovers--and believe me there weren't many. Peoples really like to eat those Lobster things.

Monday, November 16, 2009

kitty update

Remember the Kittys that Mom rescued from the woodshed? Here they are in their new home enjoying their life as lazy houscats. Robin

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zeeba updates the Blog

Hi everyone, Zeeba here, Mom's finally got time to help me with updating our blog. On Halloween weekend we went camping again, to an agility trial at Hi Ghoul (High Goal) farm. The picture is from another weekend but that's our camper and me and Robin in the x-pen.
The weather was not as bad as at Cape Cod and the classes were indoors but we had a weather adventure anyway. Since Mom and Dad worked the last class Saturday ( Halloween) our walk after dinner was quite late and it was getting dark and raining a little bit but we thought we could get some exercise anyway. Well, before we got back to the safety of the camper, we heard a roar--I kept looking behind me to see if a train was coming--then we got drenched with BUCKETS of water. You'd think we got hit by an ocean wave.
Robin didn't Q and I really wish I could show her how even tho I am just a babydog. Mom says I can try in the Spring.
Last week we had our annual vet check-ups and I heard mom say something about making an appointment for my "surgery". I wonder if that had anything to do with my trying to have sex with the vet's leg and the tech's arm??
This weekend was busy. Friday we took a long drive to pick up a new tractor seat. Boy that place had more tractors than I've ever seen in my life. I bet they'd be fun to chase. Then Saturday Mom took me to a seminar which was supposed to be about Canine Cross- Training but was just stuff like Mom teaches in her Foundations class. Of course I wasn't really paying attention and I was bored so I kept squeaking so some one would notice me and play with me--and I guess I caused Mom to get yelled at (again). I got really scared when Mom left me in the crate in the van for a while and I chewed up the crate pad a little. There was really too much talking and not enough working and Sunday was such a beautiful day that we went home right after lunch so Mom could clean up the garden. That was fun--I kept bringing her toys to fetch.
The best day was yesterday when we went to the Club property and met with some friends to train. I got to run an advanced course the same as the big dogs and Mom was really pleased with me. The only problem I had was that lo000ng dark tunnel, especially since I recently got stuck in the chute at home wich was frozen shut. Stupid Mom didn't shake it out before she sent me. Turns out I now get to eat cat food from a bowl whenever I run through the chute. I'm getting to like it again!!!!
I guess I've chattered on long enough and will be in touch if anything exciting happern.