Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is here

                                                                 Fall colors

                                      Zeeba High in Trial
Blu ribbon from Agility at Susquenango
It seems that since Mom uses Facebook every day she hardly ever updates our blog. Zeeba started out the summer with Lyme disease again and missed a few trials but is running great again. He now has 8 QQs and 816 MACH points. Those dropped bars have cut down on the QQ total. Robin has switched to preferred and is ExA preferred in std and Open P in jumpers. Zeeba has picked up some placements as well, even a couple of blue ribbons. At our last show we had an adventure because the RV wouldn't start and we were stranded at the Westfield fairgrounds. Our friend Lois gave Mom and Zeeba and Robin a ride home while Dad waitied until the nice mechanic managed to get the vehicle on the road. He made it home safely but the RV is still in the shop getting it's wiring repaired. The leaves are turning colors so it really looks like Fall here now. Besides agility Zeeba also showed in Obedience for his CDX title with 3 first places and a High in Trial. Now he's trying hard to learn Utility without barking all the time.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Early Spring

Hi from Zeeba and Robin. Looks like we're having an early Spring and lots of new things are happening.Mom got a new "dogmobile', a Subaru Outback. We also are trying out new phone and internet connections--we're going wireless. Hope this makes it easier for mom to help us write in our Blog. Poor Zeeba had Lymes again this winter and also a pulled muscle so he took some time off from work and play. We've been to one agaility trial so far and Robin is now showing in "preferred" since she is 10 years old. She got two ribbons--a first and second. Zeeba had one bar down in each class so he didn't Q. Mom has to send out lots of e-mails since we have a new address.