Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zeeba's friends

Hi from Zeeba. Here are the pictures of my friends. The one of Alex is not so good but you can see me smooching with Andrea. I hope they visit again. And by the way. my paw is all better and Mom says I can try agility soon.
Thanks to my friend Katherine for taking the pictures

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zeeba loves Alex

Hi there, it's Zeeba here. Boy is it boring being on restricted exercise and having to walk on a leash all the time, but I haven't limped at all yesterday and today so Mom is letting me have a little supervised time off leash. I have to be shut up in the kitchen all morning during the week while Mom drives with Dad to the hospital for his radiation treatments. Anyway this past Saturday I did have a good time being entertained by Alex (age 11) , Andrea (14), and Katherine (16). They were visiting with their Mom who is my Mom's neice and a couple of other people who all came for lunch and to go swimming in the pond. I especially liked Alex who let me dig a hole before asking if it was allright (then I had to stop). He did manage to keep me from jumping up onto the picnic table tho I tried to get away with it. Mom let him be in charge of me all day, I think Alex likes me too. Mom should have taken a picture of

Alex and me but his sisters did and maybe they will send me one.

Robin sure acted funny Saturday. She seemed to be afraid of Alex. Maybe it's some memory from her past life, she is a rescue after all but she has been here a long time in a happy home so I don't understand her. Maybe she's just upset becuz of all the thunderstorms lately. I don't mind thunder and lightning, it's a good excuse to bark.

Mom took a picture of the white kitty with the black heart. Mom can pick up and pet the tiger kitties but white kitty is still too shy (not really mean just scaredy cat). Mom called the Humane Society and Animalkind to see if they would find homes for them but nobody has any room as it has been a banner kitty season. They just put us in a waiting list. Mom sure hopes she doesn't have to be the one to get them fixed and turn them loose because the coyotes might get them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitties and Zeeba's paw accident

Hi, Robin here. Well Mom always said that she would never encourage the feral cats that hang around here , but she's flip flopped on that. A couple of weeks ago Dad fed a black starving kitty that got so friendly we were able to find a home for it (soft-hearted neighbor). Then a couple of days ago a starving tiger kitty showed up and mom started giving it some cat food and named it Tiger Woods. Then the next day another tiger kitty showed up and Mom named it Priscilla Presley. Tiger Woods has gotten so tame he eats from Mom's hand and purrs, Priscilla is still hissy. Then last night another cat shows up--Mom says NO MORE!!! Here's a picture of Tiger Woods and Priscilla. We're not going to feed the latest kitty who obviously is from an earlier litter because it's bigger and mean. I'd make friends with the kitties but they are not interested.

Zeeba wants to chase them. And speaking of Zeebs, he's gotten himself a boo boo. You know how he likes to climb around the picnic table and even takes a nap up there? Well Mom put our toys on the garden bench when she was mowing the grass in our yard and forgot to take them down. Zeebs jumped up onto the bench and got his paw caught between the slats and then fell off and was hanging by one twisted paw--boy did he scream!! Good thing mom was nearby to rescue him. Lucky no bones were broken but Zeeba says his paw really hurts so he has to limp, which doesn't keep him from trying to run around so Mom has to keep him on a leash. Looks like he's going to have to give up agility class for a while. Serves him right for being such a crazy dumb puppy.

It's time for my afternoon swim so Mom has to catch Zeeba and keep him occupied so he doesn't know where Dad is taking me. Talk to you later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Hi, this is Zeeba speaking: I had a great time on the 4th of July, Gramma Toni brought me some playmates so I could have fun while the peoples were having a picnic. She brought cousin Andrew Corgi and a whole bunch of baby shelties. They had to stay in a X-pen most of the time to keep track of the babies because they poop a lot and somebody has to clean up after them.
Here is a picture of Andrew Corgi. He was able to come out and play but he didn't like me taking his ball away from him.
We brought the puppies out one ot a time to play with me. This little brown girl was the oldest and I thought she was real cute.
We moved around kind of fast so it was hard to get clear pictures but here I am (my tail end) playing with the little bi-black girl who was my favorite. I wish mom would let me keep her but she said that one "devil dog" at a time was enough.
Then I showed everyone how I used the picnic table as agility equipment but nobody appreciated it because they had their food on the table. Not fair!!! But still it was the most fun I had in a long time.
Oh and I should mention I liked the fireworks the neighbors had, something else to bark at--Robin did NOT. She hid under Dad's desk