Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excellent Fast Robin

Hi Robin here, Well I always knew I was an excellent dog and a fast dog as well but now it's official. At the Thanksgiving cluster trial I earned my Excellent Fast title. so now I'm Robin, CDX, AX, AXJ, XF. I'm pretty proud of the third place because in a class of 56 dogs--some of them reeeal experienced, only 7 got Q scores. I have to rest up now because it was a long tiring weekend. I didn't manage to Q in any of my other classes and Dad was very disappointed since we'd been working hard but I just get soooo excited that I'd rather herd than jump and I just can't stay on those yellow contact things.

Zeeba did pretty good for a dumb puppy that's already in Excellent B classes. He kept the bars up in 4 out of 6 classes which is great for him since he runs faster than he thinks. He also got a Q in one standard class and in one jumpers class. that makes 4 MX legs and 2 MXJ legs. He was trying out new ways to NQ however, like flying off the see-saw--even tho he landed with his butt on the board and did his down --but it didn't save him. Then he missed a weave entrance--which he never has done before in a trial. Oh--and his steering went out in one jumpers class, but Mom is responsible for some of his errors.

Well that's the last of the trials for this year and it's time for Mom to clean house and do shopping and get ready for the holidays. If I don't get Mom to help me blog again I hope everybody has a great Christmas and other holidays (get lots of new bones and treats).