Friday, October 23, 2009

Cape Cod vacation

Hi, it's Zeeba back from our vacation on Cape Cod. We started with Dad and Robin running in three days of Agility. The first day it was raining and windy but not so bad that we coudn't get warm in our little ringside tent. Robin messed up in the Fast class because the judge was standing in the way and Dad tried to signal her to move and Robin thought he was signaling her so she broke her start line and Dad's plan got ruined. Then Robin cheated on her weave poles in the standard class. Saturday dawned with a beautiful rainbow over the agility rings but got cold and windy. Robin broke a start line again and Dad wasn't watching so she missed the second jump--then in the next class she cheated on her weaves again.

Well after the rainbow day, a Nor'easter hit the Cape and it was the rainiest, windiest day I've ever been outdoors. Dad decided to run with Robin anyway even tho the first three jumps in the Standard class were in 4 inches of water. I guess it slowed her down a little and Dad was able to keep up in spite of wearing way too many clothes truying to keep warm and dry. Would you believe they Q'd taking a second place in the class and 20 seconds under standard course time!
Maybe they need a storm more often. I stayed in the RV.
After the trial we moved to the campgrounds , and the next day went out to see the ocean which was pretty angry after the storm. We took a walk along the beach and a big wave caught up with us and Mom and Dad and I get our feet really wet. Robin was fast enough to get out of the way.

I discovered that beaches are really good for something--digging!! I made better holes faster than even in our yard. Here's Robin showing off the ribbon she won. Of course this picture was taken long after th storm because Mom didn't want to get her camera wet.

Robin wants to have her say: Yes , Zeeba, you really did have a great time your first time at the beach. I was the one who did all the work in those sloppy agility rings. And you left out our nice dinner with Dad and Mom's friends, Anne and Chris. You certainly showed your bad manners by leaving your "mark" on the corner of the chair. Mom had to keep you on leash the rest of the evening while I behaved perfectly napping under the piano. Well we finally got home after a week of sightseeing --I got to play frisbee on the beach too --and now it's catchup time. Mom is moaning about a mountain of laundry and cleaning the sand out of the RV.