Monday, June 29, 2009

F*A*S*T Robin

Hi there, Robin speaking: This weekend was our last scheduled agility trial until Fall since Mom and Dad and black dogs don't like to compete in the hot weather. Dad and I decided to try something new--the F*A*S*T class -more like a game just in case we still had energy after doing Standard and Jumpers. Fortunately the class was scheduled first thing so it was cool and we still had our N R G. We got to design our own path over jumps and obstacles and sort of like "Beat the Clock" collect as many points as we could in 32 seconds when the buzzer sounds and we have to get off the course. There is also a "send challenge" for a bonus where I get to do the obstacles without Dad being too close. On Saturday, the first time we had ever tried it, we picked a course where we got the required number of points to Q as well as completed the Bonus. Well we crossed the finish line with 10 seconds left over so on Sunday Dad made a better plan and we stayed on course until the buzzer and racked up 75 points. Guess what?????? That was enough to Q and to take first place and get another blue ribbon for my collection as well as a new squeaky, tug, frisbee toy. So today I get to lounge around and enjoy--too bad when Mom took the picture she had a tree growing out of my head!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zeeba starts agility class

Hi, Zeeba here: I've had fun the last two days! Sunday Mom took me to a match show to parade around like a "pretty dog". Well I had a hard time behaving myself because my Uncle Andrew Corgi was there and I thought we could just have a play date. No such luck. I had to trot around and up and down and pose on a table but I was the only sheltie puppy there so I got Best of Breed. Didn't win the sweepstakes tho cuz I was having trouble keeping all four feet in contact wilth the ground when we gaited--DARN.
Then last night I went to my first agility class where I wasn't just a sistant. I got to skip Introduction to Obstacles and started in Obstacles II because of what I learned helping Mom teach Foundations class. And guess what??? the teacher was a friend I already know called Heidi. She makes sure I SIT for greeting. The first night was just a review of what I already know with four stations: one for the pause box, one for tunnels, one for jumps (I have to do them real low because I'm still young) and one for flat work--this is hardest for me because when Mom runs fast I can't resist trying to herd her--it's just in my blood and besides I am being raised with a border collie. Heidi calls this "shadow handling" and I didn't see any shadows cuz we were inside but I still wanted to jump up and catch mom--so Heidi said GAME OVER and I had to stop. I did good with the "equipment" tho because I've been practicing that at home.
Mom didn't take any pictures at class because the flash from the camera might disturb the other dogs so here's some pictures taken at home:

I do an automatic DOWN on the pause table.

I run fast to the end of the see saw and stop really nice and wait till I'm told I can go on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Robin's new title and Zeeba's new skill

Hi , It's Robin here with an update on our adventures and accomplishments. It's been a boring week for doggies since Mom and Dad have both been sick with colds and other complications, which means that doggies have to find ways to amuse themselves. I'm cool just hanging out in the yard and keeping the squirrels and chipmunks at bay (unless the neighbors are shooting off their guns , then I hide under Dad's desk). Zeeba, however seems to find other ways to keep busy. Mom didn't realize that he was using the picnic table on the patio as agility equipment. Mom looked out the patio door, squeeked and grabbed her camera--and this is what she saw:

Now she has to find another place to put things "out of reach". That scrub brush was destined to go the way of the missing bath sponge.

Anyway, on Sunday mom decided to drag herself out to a Match Show and parade Zeeba around the breed ring since so many folks have been calling him a pretty boy. Well he didn't have much competition so he brought home all blue ribbons. It's no wonder he won the"group" since there were a bunch of dogs without legs--Corgi's I think they were called. But true to form , when it came time for "Best puppy in match", he got bored and real silly and just wanted to play instead of "gait" so a scary dog called a Malemute took the trophy. Serves him right!!!!

On Monday, Dad felt that he was feeling better so we went to the last day of the Southern Adirondack Agility trial. I tried really hard for him and Q'd in the Jumpers class which was the first of the day. That was the third leg for my AXJ title. I also tried hard in Standard but Dad was tired and let me do an off course jump by mistake. So here's the picture Mom took of us with our ribbons.