Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Images of Christmas

Here are some pics Mom took at Christmas:

Images of Christmas

Here are some pictures Mom took at Christmas:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It Takes a Hungry Dog...

Zeeba learned this trick in record time: Push thehandle

Get the reward

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hi, It's Robin with Zeeba wishing all the Happiest Holiday season. Our peoples also send their greetings. Mom's been pretty busy but has agreed to take a break and help us with our blog. She and Dad have been cleaning and polishing and leaving us home so they could do something called shopping. Then they cut down one of our trees and brought it into the house . We couldn't touch the tree but they hung shiny things and lights on it. Then they had a big party with lots of people treats. We actually got to snag a few tasty morsels. I couldn't believe it but Zeeba didn't hump a single leg. I guess that operation did some good! Now Zeeba wants to say a few words.

Hi, Zeeba here. Wow I'm sure feeling better. Today when we went for our walk I was jumping around and grabbed the lanyard mom keeps around her neck with the dog whistle on (that's for me you know). I pulled her right off her feet. Too bad she didn't have it outside her coat collar because now she has a bruise like somebody tried to strangle her. I'm sorry but I was just sooooo happy to be going out. Anyway winter can be so boring with all our jumps and stuff under ice and snow. So we're doing "obedience stuff". Now that I like retrieving I'm supposed to learn to carry "metal" stuff". Well I sure don't like the way that feels in my mouth. The thing that Robin used was just too big for me but Mom went into her dog closet and found the articles she used for Mousie (a pretty little sheltie who is now in heaven) and now I carry metal just fine. I am so proud of myself. Pretty soon I'm going to have to find stuff with my nose--that should be easy if it smells like rabbit or deer poop. She says I'll be learning other tricks too for when we go to visit the old peoples in the Nursing Home. And agility lessons start again in a few weeks indoors and I'm looking forward to that. Now Mom has to go wrap "presents" for Santa Claus to put undere out tree. I hope some are for us--I do need some more chewy things. Again I hope everybody has a fun Christmas and gets lots of toys and stuff.

And I hope that all the foster dogs out there get their forever homes really soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reply to Arthur GOOD from Zeeba

Dear Arthur GOOD

A lover not a fighter I be.
Trouble was, everything I'd see
Or smell reminded me
Of S E X.

PS. Robin also gets snarky when strange dogs get too close and she's a Girl.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

As you see by my picture I'm feeling kinda sleepy today. Yesterday Mom took me to see my friends at the vets office and after talking to the nice assistant she LEFT ME THERE. That's never happened before. Well I had to stay in a cage , then I get a shot to help me relax. Then I got another needle and I don't remember anything more till I woke up in that cage again. Later the nice technician took me for a walk and it was getting dark and I had to stay in that cage overnight. The girls at the vets gave me some breakfast the next morning and Dr. Rosweiler checked me out and pretty soon Mom came to take me home. She was pretty sad that I had the operation but it's supposed to help me feel more relaxed around other dogs.
She said that my brain was suffering from " testosterone poisoning". Robin was actually glad to see me when I got home but we're not allowed to run around together yet--I'm supposed to only walk on a leash for a while. Mom says that I'm being really good so I don't have to wear a cone on my head. I hardly know that I'm missing something. Well it's time for a nap again so I'll sign off. Zeeba

Monday, November 30, 2009

Robin thinking

Hi, It's Robin here. Mom wanted to share this photo of me thinking. I have lot to think about-like 3 days of Agility at the cluster of shows in Springfield without a single Q. Mom says that Dad and I have to work on our communication skills. Then on Thanksgiving day Zeeba and I had to stay home while the peoples went out to the house where the kitties now live to eat a turkey. But on Saturday we had a fun dinner for Stephanie's birthday and the peoples cooked some critters called Lobsters. Boy were they UGLY! And Zeeba and I got to sample some of the goodest tasting leftovers--and believe me there weren't many. Peoples really like to eat those Lobster things.

Monday, November 16, 2009

kitty update

Remember the Kittys that Mom rescued from the woodshed? Here they are in their new home enjoying their life as lazy houscats. Robin

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zeeba updates the Blog

Hi everyone, Zeeba here, Mom's finally got time to help me with updating our blog. On Halloween weekend we went camping again, to an agility trial at Hi Ghoul (High Goal) farm. The picture is from another weekend but that's our camper and me and Robin in the x-pen.
The weather was not as bad as at Cape Cod and the classes were indoors but we had a weather adventure anyway. Since Mom and Dad worked the last class Saturday ( Halloween) our walk after dinner was quite late and it was getting dark and raining a little bit but we thought we could get some exercise anyway. Well, before we got back to the safety of the camper, we heard a roar--I kept looking behind me to see if a train was coming--then we got drenched with BUCKETS of water. You'd think we got hit by an ocean wave.
Robin didn't Q and I really wish I could show her how even tho I am just a babydog. Mom says I can try in the Spring.
Last week we had our annual vet check-ups and I heard mom say something about making an appointment for my "surgery". I wonder if that had anything to do with my trying to have sex with the vet's leg and the tech's arm??
This weekend was busy. Friday we took a long drive to pick up a new tractor seat. Boy that place had more tractors than I've ever seen in my life. I bet they'd be fun to chase. Then Saturday Mom took me to a seminar which was supposed to be about Canine Cross- Training but was just stuff like Mom teaches in her Foundations class. Of course I wasn't really paying attention and I was bored so I kept squeaking so some one would notice me and play with me--and I guess I caused Mom to get yelled at (again). I got really scared when Mom left me in the crate in the van for a while and I chewed up the crate pad a little. There was really too much talking and not enough working and Sunday was such a beautiful day that we went home right after lunch so Mom could clean up the garden. That was fun--I kept bringing her toys to fetch.
The best day was yesterday when we went to the Club property and met with some friends to train. I got to run an advanced course the same as the big dogs and Mom was really pleased with me. The only problem I had was that lo000ng dark tunnel, especially since I recently got stuck in the chute at home wich was frozen shut. Stupid Mom didn't shake it out before she sent me. Turns out I now get to eat cat food from a bowl whenever I run through the chute. I'm getting to like it again!!!!
I guess I've chattered on long enough and will be in touch if anything exciting happern.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cape Cod vacation

Hi, it's Zeeba back from our vacation on Cape Cod. We started with Dad and Robin running in three days of Agility. The first day it was raining and windy but not so bad that we coudn't get warm in our little ringside tent. Robin messed up in the Fast class because the judge was standing in the way and Dad tried to signal her to move and Robin thought he was signaling her so she broke her start line and Dad's plan got ruined. Then Robin cheated on her weave poles in the standard class. Saturday dawned with a beautiful rainbow over the agility rings but got cold and windy. Robin broke a start line again and Dad wasn't watching so she missed the second jump--then in the next class she cheated on her weaves again.

Well after the rainbow day, a Nor'easter hit the Cape and it was the rainiest, windiest day I've ever been outdoors. Dad decided to run with Robin anyway even tho the first three jumps in the Standard class were in 4 inches of water. I guess it slowed her down a little and Dad was able to keep up in spite of wearing way too many clothes truying to keep warm and dry. Would you believe they Q'd taking a second place in the class and 20 seconds under standard course time!
Maybe they need a storm more often. I stayed in the RV.
After the trial we moved to the campgrounds , and the next day went out to see the ocean which was pretty angry after the storm. We took a walk along the beach and a big wave caught up with us and Mom and Dad and I get our feet really wet. Robin was fast enough to get out of the way.

I discovered that beaches are really good for something--digging!! I made better holes faster than even in our yard. Here's Robin showing off the ribbon she won. Of course this picture was taken long after th storm because Mom didn't want to get her camera wet.

Robin wants to have her say: Yes , Zeeba, you really did have a great time your first time at the beach. I was the one who did all the work in those sloppy agility rings. And you left out our nice dinner with Dad and Mom's friends, Anne and Chris. You certainly showed your bad manners by leaving your "mark" on the corner of the chair. Mom had to keep you on leash the rest of the evening while I behaved perfectly napping under the piano. Well we finally got home after a week of sightseeing --I got to play frisbee on the beach too --and now it's catchup time. Mom is moaning about a mountain of laundry and cleaning the sand out of the RV.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zeeba : "I can do it!"

Nyeh,Nyeh--I can do anything Robin can do.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Pioneer Valley Agility Trial

Hello again, Robin speaking: We took our RV to an aglility trial at Granby, Massachusettes this weekend. Just before we left Dad had to have a tire fixed and buy a new battery for the vehicle. So we thought we were all set. Well the park doesn't have "hookups" and we discovered when we got there that our generator wasn't working. So we survived on battery power for two days. Needless to say we went to bed early as we dare not use lights. The courses were interesting and I didn't get any Q's tho I did have a lot of fun. Here's a picture of me patiently waiting my turn in the ring with my paws crossed and here's a picture of me doing the weave poles. Does it look like I missed the first pole?? I know Mom said that I cheated and pulled out early . I almost made it in the Standard classes except for one mistake at a time. Zeeba came too but he's too much of a baby to do stuff at trials yet. He did some cheering from the sidelines tho. Mom said she's going to have his squeaker taken out. He was still taking medicine because he ate some yummy (yucky) stuff last week. He's fine now. He wouldn't eat his food with medicine in it so Mom made some sneaky treats with canned salmon.
KITTY UPDATE: Tiger has gone to his new home. He will be living with his sister who is now called Candy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitten update

Hi from Robin: Here's an update on the kitten situation. Mom has found a home for Peaches, the girl, so now Tiger Woods is all alone and he tries to follow Mom into the house all the time. It makes, Leona, the evil cat really mad. Mom is going to have Tiger "fixed" as soon as she doesn't have to spend every day driving with dad to Albany for his radiation treatments. What's a prostate anyway??? I'm looking forward to going to trials again especially now that the hot weather seems to be gone for a while.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Zeeba

Hi, Zeeba here: Mom insisted on taking a picture of me in this silly hat cuz it was my birthday. I'm now one year old, but I don't feel old at all. I'm having fun learning "weave poles". This morning when we came back from our morning walk, I ran right over to the poles and said" let's go Mom where's the treatz"?
Robin got in trouble last night. She said Hi to a skunk in the back yard. WHEEEEEEEW!!!!! Does anybody want to borrow a Border Collie for a few weeks?
Gotta go now and finish my cake and ice cream.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitten update

Two rescued kittens are still hoping to find new homes. ( the sooner the better) Evil cat, Leona, won't let them live with us and they will need a warm place for the winter . Their names are TigerWoods (M) and Peaches or Patches (F). The third kitty, Boots, is living happily with his new Dad and a German Shepherd Dog. We hear that he has discovered the joys of unrolling toilet paper.
Mom says that Zeeba did well at the clinic on impulse control given by Bobbie Bhambree on Saturday. Mom got some tips on how to help him want to play with her rather than visit the other dogs. He was pretty good at ignoring any other distractions. I can't wait until the hot weather is over. Love, Robin


Friday, August 14, 2009

Ball balancing

Good evening, Robin here: Here's a picture of Mom helping Zeeba learn to balance on the big ball he won at Dog Daz. It's supposed to be good for his core muscles, and I thought that only apples had cores.
I've been swimming in our pond ever since the ice went out, but today was the first day that Mom came in swimming with me. Zeeba still will only swim if somebody carries him into the water. He likes to wade--but swim---No way!! Dad says that he's the first non-swimming sheltie we've had.

Ball balancing

Good evening, it's Robin speaking: When we were at Dog Daz, Zeeba won a Canine-spirit-ball which looks like a big soccer ball, and I mean BIG!!! It's bigger than Zeeba. Mom saw a demo of a sheltie balancing on a ball which is supposed to strengthen the core muscles (and I thought only apples had cores). Anyway here's a picture of Mom helping Zeeba to learn to balance on the ball. Maybe it's good for his muscles but he'd better learn to start to be polite around other dogs because Mom is planning a vet visit where he will lose some important parts.

I've been swimming almost every day since the ice was off the pond but today was the first day that Mom went swimming. She sure is chicken about the water temoerature.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

flowers and butterflies

Here are the flowers and butterflies that got lost from the last post.

Zeeba the Guru

Hi Zeeba here: Mom says that I'm sort of magical--or maybe it's just co-incidence . Everybody's been sad and worried because our friend , the sheltie Darin had been lost. Early Saturday morning I was in bed with Mom and she whispered to me that I should think very hard about Darin and have happy thoughts like flowers and butterflies and tell Darin that it was all right to come home to Chris. Later we heard that early Saturday morning Chris was out with her other sheltie and her border collie and called Darin to come out and play with them. The lost sheltie is now reunited with his family so everyone's prayers have been answered. Is that great or what? So welcome home Darin and have happy thoughts of flowers and butterflies.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zeeba's friends

Hi from Zeeba. Here are the pictures of my friends. The one of Alex is not so good but you can see me smooching with Andrea. I hope they visit again. And by the way. my paw is all better and Mom says I can try agility soon.
Thanks to my friend Katherine for taking the pictures

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zeeba loves Alex

Hi there, it's Zeeba here. Boy is it boring being on restricted exercise and having to walk on a leash all the time, but I haven't limped at all yesterday and today so Mom is letting me have a little supervised time off leash. I have to be shut up in the kitchen all morning during the week while Mom drives with Dad to the hospital for his radiation treatments. Anyway this past Saturday I did have a good time being entertained by Alex (age 11) , Andrea (14), and Katherine (16). They were visiting with their Mom who is my Mom's neice and a couple of other people who all came for lunch and to go swimming in the pond. I especially liked Alex who let me dig a hole before asking if it was allright (then I had to stop). He did manage to keep me from jumping up onto the picnic table tho I tried to get away with it. Mom let him be in charge of me all day, I think Alex likes me too. Mom should have taken a picture of

Alex and me but his sisters did and maybe they will send me one.

Robin sure acted funny Saturday. She seemed to be afraid of Alex. Maybe it's some memory from her past life, she is a rescue after all but she has been here a long time in a happy home so I don't understand her. Maybe she's just upset becuz of all the thunderstorms lately. I don't mind thunder and lightning, it's a good excuse to bark.

Mom took a picture of the white kitty with the black heart. Mom can pick up and pet the tiger kitties but white kitty is still too shy (not really mean just scaredy cat). Mom called the Humane Society and Animalkind to see if they would find homes for them but nobody has any room as it has been a banner kitty season. They just put us in a waiting list. Mom sure hopes she doesn't have to be the one to get them fixed and turn them loose because the coyotes might get them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitties and Zeeba's paw accident

Hi, Robin here. Well Mom always said that she would never encourage the feral cats that hang around here , but she's flip flopped on that. A couple of weeks ago Dad fed a black starving kitty that got so friendly we were able to find a home for it (soft-hearted neighbor). Then a couple of days ago a starving tiger kitty showed up and mom started giving it some cat food and named it Tiger Woods. Then the next day another tiger kitty showed up and Mom named it Priscilla Presley. Tiger Woods has gotten so tame he eats from Mom's hand and purrs, Priscilla is still hissy. Then last night another cat shows up--Mom says NO MORE!!! Here's a picture of Tiger Woods and Priscilla. We're not going to feed the latest kitty who obviously is from an earlier litter because it's bigger and mean. I'd make friends with the kitties but they are not interested.

Zeeba wants to chase them. And speaking of Zeebs, he's gotten himself a boo boo. You know how he likes to climb around the picnic table and even takes a nap up there? Well Mom put our toys on the garden bench when she was mowing the grass in our yard and forgot to take them down. Zeebs jumped up onto the bench and got his paw caught between the slats and then fell off and was hanging by one twisted paw--boy did he scream!! Good thing mom was nearby to rescue him. Lucky no bones were broken but Zeeba says his paw really hurts so he has to limp, which doesn't keep him from trying to run around so Mom has to keep him on a leash. Looks like he's going to have to give up agility class for a while. Serves him right for being such a crazy dumb puppy.

It's time for my afternoon swim so Mom has to catch Zeeba and keep him occupied so he doesn't know where Dad is taking me. Talk to you later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Hi, this is Zeeba speaking: I had a great time on the 4th of July, Gramma Toni brought me some playmates so I could have fun while the peoples were having a picnic. She brought cousin Andrew Corgi and a whole bunch of baby shelties. They had to stay in a X-pen most of the time to keep track of the babies because they poop a lot and somebody has to clean up after them.
Here is a picture of Andrew Corgi. He was able to come out and play but he didn't like me taking his ball away from him.
We brought the puppies out one ot a time to play with me. This little brown girl was the oldest and I thought she was real cute.
We moved around kind of fast so it was hard to get clear pictures but here I am (my tail end) playing with the little bi-black girl who was my favorite. I wish mom would let me keep her but she said that one "devil dog" at a time was enough.
Then I showed everyone how I used the picnic table as agility equipment but nobody appreciated it because they had their food on the table. Not fair!!! But still it was the most fun I had in a long time.
Oh and I should mention I liked the fireworks the neighbors had, something else to bark at--Robin did NOT. She hid under Dad's desk

Monday, June 29, 2009

F*A*S*T Robin

Hi there, Robin speaking: This weekend was our last scheduled agility trial until Fall since Mom and Dad and black dogs don't like to compete in the hot weather. Dad and I decided to try something new--the F*A*S*T class -more like a game just in case we still had energy after doing Standard and Jumpers. Fortunately the class was scheduled first thing so it was cool and we still had our N R G. We got to design our own path over jumps and obstacles and sort of like "Beat the Clock" collect as many points as we could in 32 seconds when the buzzer sounds and we have to get off the course. There is also a "send challenge" for a bonus where I get to do the obstacles without Dad being too close. On Saturday, the first time we had ever tried it, we picked a course where we got the required number of points to Q as well as completed the Bonus. Well we crossed the finish line with 10 seconds left over so on Sunday Dad made a better plan and we stayed on course until the buzzer and racked up 75 points. Guess what?????? That was enough to Q and to take first place and get another blue ribbon for my collection as well as a new squeaky, tug, frisbee toy. So today I get to lounge around and enjoy--too bad when Mom took the picture she had a tree growing out of my head!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zeeba starts agility class

Hi, Zeeba here: I've had fun the last two days! Sunday Mom took me to a match show to parade around like a "pretty dog". Well I had a hard time behaving myself because my Uncle Andrew Corgi was there and I thought we could just have a play date. No such luck. I had to trot around and up and down and pose on a table but I was the only sheltie puppy there so I got Best of Breed. Didn't win the sweepstakes tho cuz I was having trouble keeping all four feet in contact wilth the ground when we gaited--DARN.
Then last night I went to my first agility class where I wasn't just a sistant. I got to skip Introduction to Obstacles and started in Obstacles II because of what I learned helping Mom teach Foundations class. And guess what??? the teacher was a friend I already know called Heidi. She makes sure I SIT for greeting. The first night was just a review of what I already know with four stations: one for the pause box, one for tunnels, one for jumps (I have to do them real low because I'm still young) and one for flat work--this is hardest for me because when Mom runs fast I can't resist trying to herd her--it's just in my blood and besides I am being raised with a border collie. Heidi calls this "shadow handling" and I didn't see any shadows cuz we were inside but I still wanted to jump up and catch mom--so Heidi said GAME OVER and I had to stop. I did good with the "equipment" tho because I've been practicing that at home.
Mom didn't take any pictures at class because the flash from the camera might disturb the other dogs so here's some pictures taken at home:

I do an automatic DOWN on the pause table.

I run fast to the end of the see saw and stop really nice and wait till I'm told I can go on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Robin's new title and Zeeba's new skill

Hi , It's Robin here with an update on our adventures and accomplishments. It's been a boring week for doggies since Mom and Dad have both been sick with colds and other complications, which means that doggies have to find ways to amuse themselves. I'm cool just hanging out in the yard and keeping the squirrels and chipmunks at bay (unless the neighbors are shooting off their guns , then I hide under Dad's desk). Zeeba, however seems to find other ways to keep busy. Mom didn't realize that he was using the picnic table on the patio as agility equipment. Mom looked out the patio door, squeeked and grabbed her camera--and this is what she saw:

Now she has to find another place to put things "out of reach". That scrub brush was destined to go the way of the missing bath sponge.

Anyway, on Sunday mom decided to drag herself out to a Match Show and parade Zeeba around the breed ring since so many folks have been calling him a pretty boy. Well he didn't have much competition so he brought home all blue ribbons. It's no wonder he won the"group" since there were a bunch of dogs without legs--Corgi's I think they were called. But true to form , when it came time for "Best puppy in match", he got bored and real silly and just wanted to play instead of "gait" so a scary dog called a Malemute took the trophy. Serves him right!!!!

On Monday, Dad felt that he was feeling better so we went to the last day of the Southern Adirondack Agility trial. I tried really hard for him and Q'd in the Jumpers class which was the first of the day. That was the third leg for my AXJ title. I also tried hard in Standard but Dad was tired and let me do an off course jump by mistake. So here's the picture Mom took of us with our ribbons.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi, it's Robin speaking. I am exhausted!!! We went to the border Collie Rescue reunion yesterday at Aunt Kathy's Sugarbush Farm. All those BC's running around loose makes me nervous so I didn't try playing in the pond. Dad just took me around to see my people friends and then we went to play agility. Above in the picture you can see just a few of the border collies who have a new lease on life thanks to the the New England Border Collie Rescue people and the adopters. Zeeba came too and acted like a fool as usual. Mom is still having trouble with that Control stuff. She had him off leash in the agility ring and a boy came in to watch and Zeeb just left Mom to go visit in spite of all the fun equipment and Mom having really yummy cheese. Will he ever GROW UP????

Then after lunch Mom and Aunt Kathy arranged a surprise for Dad (his birthday number 75 is coming up soon--let's see, that's only 10 in border collie years--so it's no wonder he is still pretty spry). There was a cake with MY picture on it and Happy Birthday for everybody to share. Dad was helping BBQ hamburgers for lunch and he was REALLY surprised. Then in the raffle he won a basket of party stuff. I'm glad to be home with MY OWN pond and no other border collies to crowd me. (Zeeba doesn't count cuz he's not a real border collie). Here'a a picture of the cake.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camping at trials and the trials of camping.

Hi, Zeeba here. Took all week to finish this blog entry cuz Mom's computer was slow. Don't know why that happens sometimes. I'm never slow but Mom wishes I'd slow down once and a while.
We went to agility trials at Granby for the Memorial day weekend .Sometimes when we camp there are "Hookups" but at Granby we were "dry camping" (except for one downpour when Mom was a ring crew and got pretty wet). Dad had checked everything out on the RV the weekend before but we had Hookups. He didn't check out the strength of our battery which meant that unless we ran our very noisy generator we didn't have electricity. We found that out the first night when a beep beep alarm went off which woke us up and scared Robin so she had to spend the rest of the night sleeping with Mom--and it was a hot night to sleep with a Border Collie. The trials were fun for me cuz I met lots of people and dogs and Mom bought me some new chewy things to keep me from getting bored and squeaking and standing on my head. Robin didn't get any of those Q things but she did get a weave entry in a course that no other 'A" dogs could get so I was proud of her. She tells me that DAd is really too slow for her and she has to yell at him a lot.
Mom wants to go to bed now because today we spent the day at the Rescue Border Collie reunion at Sugarbush Farm. Robin will tell you about it tomorrow. Here is a picture of our RV with Robin and I in our Xpen outside. We're in the shade so you can't see us too well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Prentiss Therapy dog

Hi, it's Zeeba here. Mom's been too busy for blogging so I thought I'd better get on her case so she could post my latest adventure--which was actually last week. I think I found a new career to persue. It's called Therapy Dog, but I'm still a prentiss. I went on a visit to a Nursing Home with the Canine Company of the Albany Obedience Club. Lots of people live there who have to be in chairs with big wheels . Mom thought I might be nervous but it didn't bother me a bit. We greeted all the folks , then did "demostrations" of how good we were trained and did tricks and stuff. I didn't xactly heel but I came when called, stayed, and retrieved my dumbbell and ran thru a tunnel and got mom a tissue when she sneezed (another dog did that too so it wasn't such a big surprise). I also practised my weaving thru her legs--yes she was actually able to take me off leash without my running to play with the other dogs. This was all fun cuz I got lots of treats and all those people let me put my paws on their laps so they could pet me. After about an hour I started getting restless and squeaking and standing on my head so Mom said that it was time to go home tho I did wonderful for the first time visiting.

Here is a picture of me standing on my head--while dad was trying to sweep up stuff from the floor at home. That's what I do when I want attention.

Since everybody has been telling me what a handsome boy I am I thought I'd ask Mom to post my latest "glamoor shot". I don't much like standing still and posing--I'm really all for action. Mom says I need to learn "impulse control". Does that mean I can't go down stairs three at a time?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulations Carl and Robin

Hi everyone, it's Robin here: Well I finally got Dad trained well enough so that we could qualify in Excellent Standard . We're in the big time now. We went to the Mid-Hudson Agility trial this weekend and was it HOT ! It was still reasonable for the first class o f the weekend and Dad and I aced it. Not only did we Q but we got first place and 10 seconds faster than the second place dog. We already have 2 legs in Ex Jumpers and I was hoping we'd finish that title this weekend but it was not to be. We got a little frazzled on the jumpers course Saturday since we had to go over the same jump 3 times and 3 different directions after that. Dad was a little slow giving directions and I had to yell at him a lot so I missed my weave pole entry.Then on Sunday I got a little anxious to finish the weave poles and left out one pole--bummer--otherwise I'd have had another Standard leg. We were all too hot by jumpers and I ran past the last jump. Just wanted to get my drink of water. ( I have to think of some excuse)
Zeeba behaved quite well for a dumb puppy--well he's 8 months old now so he should have some sense. He met lots of old friends including Lulu his favorite BC puppy and made lots of new friends. They all say he has cute ears.
Hope you noticed the shirt Dad is wearing. He's real proud of my being a NEBCR rescue.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rompin' Robin--and Zeeba

It's such a gorgeous day a romp in the sun would be great, and I'll even include Mr. Z. He's actually fun sometimes when he's not such an awful pest. Robin

He loves that "cow thing" toy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi everybody, HAppy Easter, Zeeba speaking:
Remember the trouble I had learning to bring my dumbbell back when I was learning to retrieve? Well now I can bring a tissue to mom when she sneezes. Here I am getting it out of the box (pardon my butt).
And here I am putting it right into her hand.

I can do lots of clever things when I am home but when other dogs are around my brain just turns to mush--like when Mom was teaching her Foundations class and wanted me to demonstrate how I can go and lie down on a target. As soon as I'm loose off leash I can't resist going to one of the other dogs to smell butt. Mom says its something like adolescent hormones and if I don't get my act together that no matter how gorgeous I am ,my t--t-cles are in serious danger. I wonder what that means?