Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitten update

Hi from Robin: Here's an update on the kitten situation. Mom has found a home for Peaches, the girl, so now Tiger Woods is all alone and he tries to follow Mom into the house all the time. It makes, Leona, the evil cat really mad. Mom is going to have Tiger "fixed" as soon as she doesn't have to spend every day driving with dad to Albany for his radiation treatments. What's a prostate anyway??? I'm looking forward to going to trials again especially now that the hot weather seems to be gone for a while.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Zeeba

Hi, Zeeba here: Mom insisted on taking a picture of me in this silly hat cuz it was my birthday. I'm now one year old, but I don't feel old at all. I'm having fun learning "weave poles". This morning when we came back from our morning walk, I ran right over to the poles and said" let's go Mom where's the treatz"?
Robin got in trouble last night. She said Hi to a skunk in the back yard. WHEEEEEEEW!!!!! Does anybody want to borrow a Border Collie for a few weeks?
Gotta go now and finish my cake and ice cream.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitten update

Two rescued kittens are still hoping to find new homes. ( the sooner the better) Evil cat, Leona, won't let them live with us and they will need a warm place for the winter . Their names are TigerWoods (M) and Peaches or Patches (F). The third kitty, Boots, is living happily with his new Dad and a German Shepherd Dog. We hear that he has discovered the joys of unrolling toilet paper.
Mom says that Zeeba did well at the clinic on impulse control given by Bobbie Bhambree on Saturday. Mom got some tips on how to help him want to play with her rather than visit the other dogs. He was pretty good at ignoring any other distractions. I can't wait until the hot weather is over. Love, Robin


Friday, August 14, 2009

Ball balancing

Good evening, Robin here: Here's a picture of Mom helping Zeeba learn to balance on the big ball he won at Dog Daz. It's supposed to be good for his core muscles, and I thought that only apples had cores.
I've been swimming in our pond ever since the ice went out, but today was the first day that Mom came in swimming with me. Zeeba still will only swim if somebody carries him into the water. He likes to wade--but swim---No way!! Dad says that he's the first non-swimming sheltie we've had.

Ball balancing

Good evening, it's Robin speaking: When we were at Dog Daz, Zeeba won a Canine-spirit-ball which looks like a big soccer ball, and I mean BIG!!! It's bigger than Zeeba. Mom saw a demo of a sheltie balancing on a ball which is supposed to strengthen the core muscles (and I thought only apples had cores). Anyway here's a picture of Mom helping Zeeba to learn to balance on the ball. Maybe it's good for his muscles but he'd better learn to start to be polite around other dogs because Mom is planning a vet visit where he will lose some important parts.

I've been swimming almost every day since the ice was off the pond but today was the first day that Mom went swimming. She sure is chicken about the water temoerature.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

flowers and butterflies

Here are the flowers and butterflies that got lost from the last post.

Zeeba the Guru

Hi Zeeba here: Mom says that I'm sort of magical--or maybe it's just co-incidence . Everybody's been sad and worried because our friend , the sheltie Darin had been lost. Early Saturday morning I was in bed with Mom and she whispered to me that I should think very hard about Darin and have happy thoughts like flowers and butterflies and tell Darin that it was all right to come home to Chris. Later we heard that early Saturday morning Chris was out with her other sheltie and her border collie and called Darin to come out and play with them. The lost sheltie is now reunited with his family so everyone's prayers have been answered. Is that great or what? So welcome home Darin and have happy thoughts of flowers and butterflies.