Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Images of Christmas

Here are some pics Mom took at Christmas:

Images of Christmas

Here are some pictures Mom took at Christmas:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It Takes a Hungry Dog...

Zeeba learned this trick in record time: Push thehandle

Get the reward

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hi, It's Robin with Zeeba wishing all the Happiest Holiday season. Our peoples also send their greetings. Mom's been pretty busy but has agreed to take a break and help us with our blog. She and Dad have been cleaning and polishing and leaving us home so they could do something called shopping. Then they cut down one of our trees and brought it into the house . We couldn't touch the tree but they hung shiny things and lights on it. Then they had a big party with lots of people treats. We actually got to snag a few tasty morsels. I couldn't believe it but Zeeba didn't hump a single leg. I guess that operation did some good! Now Zeeba wants to say a few words.

Hi, Zeeba here. Wow I'm sure feeling better. Today when we went for our walk I was jumping around and grabbed the lanyard mom keeps around her neck with the dog whistle on (that's for me you know). I pulled her right off her feet. Too bad she didn't have it outside her coat collar because now she has a bruise like somebody tried to strangle her. I'm sorry but I was just sooooo happy to be going out. Anyway winter can be so boring with all our jumps and stuff under ice and snow. So we're doing "obedience stuff". Now that I like retrieving I'm supposed to learn to carry "metal" stuff". Well I sure don't like the way that feels in my mouth. The thing that Robin used was just too big for me but Mom went into her dog closet and found the articles she used for Mousie (a pretty little sheltie who is now in heaven) and now I carry metal just fine. I am so proud of myself. Pretty soon I'm going to have to find stuff with my nose--that should be easy if it smells like rabbit or deer poop. She says I'll be learning other tricks too for when we go to visit the old peoples in the Nursing Home. And agility lessons start again in a few weeks indoors and I'm looking forward to that. Now Mom has to go wrap "presents" for Santa Claus to put undere out tree. I hope some are for us--I do need some more chewy things. Again I hope everybody has a fun Christmas and gets lots of toys and stuff.

And I hope that all the foster dogs out there get their forever homes really soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reply to Arthur GOOD from Zeeba

Dear Arthur GOOD

A lover not a fighter I be.
Trouble was, everything I'd see
Or smell reminded me
Of S E X.

PS. Robin also gets snarky when strange dogs get too close and she's a Girl.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

As you see by my picture I'm feeling kinda sleepy today. Yesterday Mom took me to see my friends at the vets office and after talking to the nice assistant she LEFT ME THERE. That's never happened before. Well I had to stay in a cage , then I get a shot to help me relax. Then I got another needle and I don't remember anything more till I woke up in that cage again. Later the nice technician took me for a walk and it was getting dark and I had to stay in that cage overnight. The girls at the vets gave me some breakfast the next morning and Dr. Rosweiler checked me out and pretty soon Mom came to take me home. She was pretty sad that I had the operation but it's supposed to help me feel more relaxed around other dogs.
She said that my brain was suffering from " testosterone poisoning". Robin was actually glad to see me when I got home but we're not allowed to run around together yet--I'm supposed to only walk on a leash for a while. Mom says that I'm being really good so I don't have to wear a cone on my head. I hardly know that I'm missing something. Well it's time for a nap again so I'll sign off. Zeeba