Friday, December 4, 2009

Reply to Arthur GOOD from Zeeba

Dear Arthur GOOD

A lover not a fighter I be.
Trouble was, everything I'd see
Or smell reminded me
Of S E X.

PS. Robin also gets snarky when strange dogs get too close and she's a Girl.



  1. Hey Zeeba, I am always to busy worrying about the work I must be doing to think about anything else! Hope you are feeling more awake today! Tell Robin maybe I wouldn't snark at her.

  2. Hi Zeeba - sorry to hear about the loss of your boy parts. Hope you're feeling better by now!

    They did that to me too, but for other reasons. I got even - they stuck a cone on my head and I pulled it off while Mom was at work and ate ALL the little plastic tabs off the bottom! (Took over a week before they were all out of my stomach.)

    Oh well, I probably shouldn't be giving you any ideas on how to be naughty and scare your Mom... just ignore that last paragraph!