Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer update

Hi, it's Robin here. It's been a hot summer so we didn't train too much. We discovered that Zeeba is allergic to bee stings so Mom has to watch him real careful. Then when it was time to get ready for a trial, Zeeba came down with Lyme disease--poor guy he was really hurting. The vet gave him some medicine and he felt better real fast but couldn' t practice agility for weeks.

Finally we got to go to an agility trial called Susque-Nango. Zeeba was running real good the first day but being a little rusty knocked down a bar in each class. Then Saturday he aced his jumpers class for a blue ribbon and a new title: AXJ. He was going great guns in Standard but just before the end of the course, he ran so fast that he forgot about that yellow zone on the dog walk. On Sunday, he was a total brat, not focused at all and had all kinds of errors in Standard , then was doing great in jumpers but had trouble running "through the box" with a 270 afterwards so didn't Q. Anyway Mom was happy that he is feeling great and not lame after all that work.

As usual Dad and I had our communications problems but we came just one jump from a Q in most of my classes--but we did get a first place in the Excellent Fast class.

Usually we enjoy camping in the RV when we go to trials but this time was a nightmare. On one side of us were 6 PBGVs abd 2 Aussies who barked CONSTANTLY. On the other side the people invited all their relatives and had a big family reunion. Mom had a 3 Tylenol headache, then at 1 AM some noisy vehicles were driving around the campgrounds and woke us all up. it's no wonder Mom and Zeeba had a bad day on Sunday.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer fun

Hi from Robin, Here's some fun things I like to do in the summer. Zeeba still hasn't learned to like to swim.