Sunday, January 31, 2010

More about winter

Zeeba says: I'm glad Mom is not wheeeeezing anymore and can actually sleep laying down-she's in a better mood but she says that I shouldn't complain so much about winter. I should have been around in 2003 when Merlin and Sparrow were trying to do agility outdoors.
Now where is that contact?

Tunnel.........What tunnel???? What do you think I am--a gopher?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter doldrums

Hi Zeeba here: I just got back from a walk with Dad and it was brrrrr cold outside. It was 0 degrees but at least not windy today. Actually it energizes me to want to leap around but when I get inside I head for my fuzzy pillow. Winter is pretty boring except that I did start agility classes. On Saturdays in Karen's class we get to do actual Novice courses so I'll be ready for my first trial --which will be March 20. On Thursdays I'm in Sherry's class which is for advanced dogs. Robin is in the same class. This week class was cancelled Thursday because of snow and I'm not going to class today Saturday because Mom has some sort of virus. So that's why winter is boring. It's fun to watch the other dogs work but I get sort or overexcited when it's Robin's turn so Mom keeps feeding me cookies so I'll forget to watch her. In Sherry's class I'm supposed to learn all about pinwheels and serpentines and good stuff like that . I get to run real fast because we're not training contacts. I can't wait for another school day to come around and I hope it's not snowing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Zeeba update

Hi from Zeeba: Mom has a boo boo knee and she can't come out to play in the snow so she has time to update my training progress. This isn't as much fun as playing agility but I've learned how to find one of those metal things that smells like Mom.
Once I've found it, I bring it to her to get my treat. I still don't like to hold it in my mouth too long cuz it doesn't taste too good and it's slippery. I like the leather ones much better ( so well that I don't always smell them first to make sure it is the right one.) Now Robin alreddy knows how to do this stuff but she doesn't like it because once she got a static electricity shock picking up a metal article. The Club building where we sometimes train has a lot of that static stuff and it's real unpleasant but poor Robin is much more sensitive than I am--I'm a tough boy after all--not a sissy girl.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So how many dogs are in this picture????Hint--count the legs.

So now throw it already--I need to get away from the pest-and my tongue is getting cold.
And don't you like my high fashoin sweater? The brat doesn't get one cuz he's soooo hairy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Treats and tribulations

Hi from Robin and Zeeba. No sooner do we get the white stuff cleaned up around here but it looks like this again. Actually we like to play in it but Mom and Dad think it's a nuisance. and it's COLD so we stay indoors a lot (which is why we get into trouble) By the way, if you see a pack of dogs following a UPS truck that's cuz our package is in there. Bestbullysticks .com was having a sale and Mom ordered us lots of "Moo tubes", beef tendons and Bully Sticks. We had some marrow bones this morning but somehow Zeeba got one that Robin was supposed to have and got his jaw stuck in it. Mom had a (quiet) fit but managed it get him free without using a saw or pulling out his teeth. That's why we're not allowed to have bones when nobody is home.