Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Zeeba update

Hi from Zeeba: Mom has a boo boo knee and she can't come out to play in the snow so she has time to update my training progress. This isn't as much fun as playing agility but I've learned how to find one of those metal things that smells like Mom.
Once I've found it, I bring it to her to get my treat. I still don't like to hold it in my mouth too long cuz it doesn't taste too good and it's slippery. I like the leather ones much better ( so well that I don't always smell them first to make sure it is the right one.) Now Robin alreddy knows how to do this stuff but she doesn't like it because once she got a static electricity shock picking up a metal article. The Club building where we sometimes train has a lot of that static stuff and it's real unpleasant but poor Robin is much more sensitive than I am--I'm a tough boy after all--not a sissy girl.

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