Friday, January 8, 2010

Treats and tribulations

Hi from Robin and Zeeba. No sooner do we get the white stuff cleaned up around here but it looks like this again. Actually we like to play in it but Mom and Dad think it's a nuisance. and it's COLD so we stay indoors a lot (which is why we get into trouble) By the way, if you see a pack of dogs following a UPS truck that's cuz our package is in there. Bestbullysticks .com was having a sale and Mom ordered us lots of "Moo tubes", beef tendons and Bully Sticks. We had some marrow bones this morning but somehow Zeeba got one that Robin was supposed to have and got his jaw stuck in it. Mom had a (quiet) fit but managed it get him free without using a saw or pulling out his teeth. That's why we're not allowed to have bones when nobody is home.


  1. Scary! We had bones today too they were from the legs of a deer that got killed in the road. Glad you are ok.

  2. That has happened to me before also and it is so scary! I buy really small bones now that they cannot get their jaws into but then again I only have small dogs!