Sunday, March 29, 2009

No escape

Hi All, Robin here:
Can you believe that it took that dumb puppy till he was 7 months old to figure out that it was more comfortable on the sofa than on the floor? I think that he was just trying to get away from the EVIL CAT.Now I have my own place to get away from the EVIL CAT--it's under Dad's desk.
But the truth is that there is No Escape because the EVIL CAT can go everywhere!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playdates for Zeeba

Hi! Zeeba here: I've had a busy weekend. Every Thursday I get to watch Robin's agility class and before class I get to have a playdate with the dogs from class--4 mini poodles and 3 Cavaleers and a grown up shelty. What a roaring time we have!! Then after class we went to visit gramma Toni at Toven Shelty farm (where I was born). Gramma had a bad accident and squooshed her back so I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. My shelty mommy Mira, and my sister Camille and Pearl; the Corgi came out to play with me. Wow!!!!was I excited. Mommy Mira had to show me her nice teeth to keep me in line. There was a nice black shelty named Tally there but she was too fat to play. She said that she is getting ready to have 7 new puppies. If they are anything like me she is going to have a lot of work. Funny thing (anyway everybody laughed) when I first came in the door I saw a nother puppy that looked so much like me that I barked and barked and barked at him. Afterward Mom said that it was a Mirror--sounds like my mommy's name so maybe we are related?? So here is a picture of me with sister Camille. She doesn't look anything like me with all those mixed up colors but she does the same kind of sidewise play bow that I do. Dad had to hold us still for a picture.

I slept a lot on Friday. Two play dates in one day is exhausting for a go go puppy like me. Then on Saturday Mom took me to a semenar at Sugarbush FArm where the border collies live. I guess I was a bad boy cuz I tried to make friends with a border collie and I scared him. I didn't get in trouble but my mom got yelled at. It was so hard to concentrate on learning anthing with all those dogs there--I thought it was just another playdate. One of the things we were supposed to learn was to pick up a piece of paper but I already know how to retrieve so it made Mom look like a good trainer (I think). In any case I have lots of experience interacting with paper when there is nothing better to do as you can see by the next picture. That's all for now. Robin is not talking cuz she's still upset for not getting any Q's at last weeken's trial.

Friday, March 6, 2009


ROBIN HERE: We border collies all know how much fun it is to get a drink straight from the waterhose!!!!! But the dumb puppy hasn't found that out cus it's still winter and the hoses are all putaway.

So when MOM looked outside the other day, this is what she saw-----

After all I am named for a busy bobolink....Z

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Robin here: Speaking of kitties----we have a really weird kitty that lives with us named Leona. here she is climbing the screen door last summer--looks like she is climbing a tree doesn't it!

A Gility Trial

Robin Here: Yesterday we all went to A Gility trial at a place called Green Witch?? Anyway it was indoors at Hi Goal Farm, Dad and I ran in two classes and Mom and Zeeba watched. The people were annoyed because the indoor plumbing didn't work and they had to wait in line at porta potties. I'm glad I don't have to wait in line and Mom or Dad just carries baggies for when I take care of my business. I was really excited about been out and about after a couple of months of no trials so I forgot to watch Dadevery second and I missed a couple of directionsso we didn't get any Q's. It was prettydisappointing because otherwise we worked realy great as a team. I also kinda forgot to do my 2on2 offstuff tho I did hit the yellow zones every time. I met lots of my people friends and got lots of petting--dog friends not so much.

Zeeba here: Robin had all the fun!!! I don't like spending so much time in my crate even tho I did have a chew stick. Mom did take me out a lot to sit on her lap so i could watch the big dogs run a gility. Good thing she had a good hold of my harness because I would have been right out there with them. When Dad was practicing at home with Robin the other day I ran across the big dogwalk and Mom had to get over quick to "spot" me. I didn't see any spots aftereward tho--maybe they go away really fast. I even tried the see-sawbut Dad was right there so I didn't fly off. They let me do tunnels without any help, they couldn't get through them anyway mom and dad are sooo slow I made lots of friends--there was even a cute border collie girl puppy with our friend Juliette. we had a good wrestle together.
I also did mycute little play-bows for a scottish deerhound--now here's a BIG DOG!!
Someday maybe I can bein a trial but mom says I have to learn obedience first--I need to learn self control. I really just want to have fun.

Nobody took any pictures--so much stuff to remember we forgot the camera. (I really would have liked to have a picture of me playing with LuLu the girl bc puppy). We have a trial in another couple of weeeks so maybe I'll get to see her again.