Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zeeba : "I can do it!"

Nyeh,Nyeh--I can do anything Robin can do.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Pioneer Valley Agility Trial

Hello again, Robin speaking: We took our RV to an aglility trial at Granby, Massachusettes this weekend. Just before we left Dad had to have a tire fixed and buy a new battery for the vehicle. So we thought we were all set. Well the park doesn't have "hookups" and we discovered when we got there that our generator wasn't working. So we survived on battery power for two days. Needless to say we went to bed early as we dare not use lights. The courses were interesting and I didn't get any Q's tho I did have a lot of fun. Here's a picture of me patiently waiting my turn in the ring with my paws crossed and here's a picture of me doing the weave poles. Does it look like I missed the first pole?? I know Mom said that I cheated and pulled out early . I almost made it in the Standard classes except for one mistake at a time. Zeeba came too but he's too much of a baby to do stuff at trials yet. He did some cheering from the sidelines tho. Mom said she's going to have his squeaker taken out. He was still taking medicine because he ate some yummy (yucky) stuff last week. He's fine now. He wouldn't eat his food with medicine in it so Mom made some sneaky treats with canned salmon.
KITTY UPDATE: Tiger has gone to his new home. He will be living with his sister who is now called Candy.