Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAAC agility trial June 19 and 20 by Zeeba

Hi from your friend Zeeba. Mom has time to help me with my blog so here goes. This weekend we took the RV to High Goal Farm again for two days of agility. The weather was a little better than last time but it got really hot on Sunday. Poor Robin still wasn't feeling too good ( she had pee pee problems) for her first class and it was a disaster but she and Dad got better as the weekend progressed. However just when I thought they would Q she cheated on her weave poles. Well I had a little more success. My first jumpers class Open had 3 tunnels but fortunately nooo monstsers. I did run past the first one-Mom's fault- but in Open I get a second chance and I did Q to finish my Open JWW title and a blue ribbon. Then Open standard in the afternoon I was really good and got a first place to finish my Open Std title. Next day I did Excellent courses and in the morning we did standard and Mom really made me stay on my contacts and had to convince me to keep my elbows down on the table but I got a Q and first place. In the afternoon there were NO tunnels in jumpers and if I hadn't looked at the course map beforehand Mom would have gotten lost, but I saved the day and we got our Q and another first place. I felt so sorry for the judge at the end of the day--she looked really melted.
A word from Robin: I'm feeling better, thank you, but the vet says I can't go swimming until my bladder is healed. Bummer!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tunnel monsters

Hi from Zeeba. Mom didn't take any pictures this weekend but I have a story to tell about the trial at Hi Goal farm. First about Robin: she and Dad really looked like they were a team but unfortunately a few slip-ups kept the Q's away. Now Idiscovered some things Ididn't know before: there are monsters in tunnels--at least I think so. On Saturday the chute was daaark green and located in a poorly lit area of the ring (they didn't have ALL the lights on) . I was having a great Open standard run when I was supposed to push my face through that green wall--well noooo way. Who knew what was on the other side. At least the jumpers class had no tunnels so I got my blue ribbon. You should have seen twinkletoes Mom do two front crosses in a row. Then on Sunday in the Standard Class there were two-- yes two tunnels and that Green chute. Mom screwed up and sent me into the wrong end of the yellow tunnel--fortunately there were no monsters--but things got a little confusing because Igot behind Mom while she was trying to figure out how to rescue the run--and things went downhill from there. Then a Daaark red tunnel with a double bend--well no way was I going through THAT one!!!! I did it on the third try. And guess what??? There was that GREEN chute--but all the lights were on today and it wasn't so scary after all. What a relief!!! Now the jumpers class---there was that DARK red tunnel again. Iwas going great guns but put on the brakes--what if it had a double bend???-- and the judge said "refusal" but I went through after all and sincethat was only one boo boo and in Open I still got a Q--and guess what? anotherblue ribbon. I sure h ope when i go there again in two weeks that all the lights are on to scare the monsters away.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LEAP Agility trial

Hi from Zeeba: Mom said I could blog about the Leap agility trial and show the ribbons I won and the treats Mom and Dad bought me because I didn't get any new toys. (Robin thinks that some of them are for her) . The first day was great, I got a first in Novice jumpers and a new title NAJ. I also got a first place in my first Open standard class. Robin had some good runs, but no Q. On Sunday I also got first in Open standard but dropped a bar in Open jumpers--I was trying to catch up to Mom who got too far ahead of me at the tunnel. Robin yelled at Dad a lot. On Monday, neither of us got a Q. I thought that it was such a great day and early in the morning I was just so full of myself that I just couldn't connect with Mom--she wanted me to turn and I wanted to go straight. Well the grass was wet and slippery and I slipped and fell after a jump (and I was sort of crazy) so Mom took me off course. Robin didn't do well in jumpers either. I did real good in my standard course until Mom flubbed a rear cross, then I took off too early for the next jump and the bar fell down. Oh well there's another trial next weekend and I'll try real hard to keep the bars up. Here's a picture of my stuff: