Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LEAP Agility trial

Hi from Zeeba: Mom said I could blog about the Leap agility trial and show the ribbons I won and the treats Mom and Dad bought me because I didn't get any new toys. (Robin thinks that some of them are for her) . The first day was great, I got a first in Novice jumpers and a new title NAJ. I also got a first place in my first Open standard class. Robin had some good runs, but no Q. On Sunday I also got first in Open standard but dropped a bar in Open jumpers--I was trying to catch up to Mom who got too far ahead of me at the tunnel. Robin yelled at Dad a lot. On Monday, neither of us got a Q. I thought that it was such a great day and early in the morning I was just so full of myself that I just couldn't connect with Mom--she wanted me to turn and I wanted to go straight. Well the grass was wet and slippery and I slipped and fell after a jump (and I was sort of crazy) so Mom took me off course. Robin didn't do well in jumpers either. I did real good in my standard course until Mom flubbed a rear cross, then I took off too early for the next jump and the bar fell down. Oh well there's another trial next weekend and I'll try real hard to keep the bars up. Here's a picture of my stuff:

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  1. What a MAN!!!!! YEAH, Zeeba!!!!
    Granny T