Monday, June 7, 2010

Tunnel monsters

Hi from Zeeba. Mom didn't take any pictures this weekend but I have a story to tell about the trial at Hi Goal farm. First about Robin: she and Dad really looked like they were a team but unfortunately a few slip-ups kept the Q's away. Now Idiscovered some things Ididn't know before: there are monsters in tunnels--at least I think so. On Saturday the chute was daaark green and located in a poorly lit area of the ring (they didn't have ALL the lights on) . I was having a great Open standard run when I was supposed to push my face through that green wall--well noooo way. Who knew what was on the other side. At least the jumpers class had no tunnels so I got my blue ribbon. You should have seen twinkletoes Mom do two front crosses in a row. Then on Sunday in the Standard Class there were two-- yes two tunnels and that Green chute. Mom screwed up and sent me into the wrong end of the yellow tunnel--fortunately there were no monsters--but things got a little confusing because Igot behind Mom while she was trying to figure out how to rescue the run--and things went downhill from there. Then a Daaark red tunnel with a double bend--well no way was I going through THAT one!!!! I did it on the third try. And guess what??? There was that GREEN chute--but all the lights were on today and it wasn't so scary after all. What a relief!!! Now the jumpers class---there was that DARK red tunnel again. Iwas going great guns but put on the brakes--what if it had a double bend???-- and the judge said "refusal" but I went through after all and sincethat was only one boo boo and in Open I still got a Q--and guess what? anotherblue ribbon. I sure h ope when i go there again in two weeks that all the lights are on to scare the monsters away.

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