Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAAC agility trial June 19 and 20 by Zeeba

Hi from your friend Zeeba. Mom has time to help me with my blog so here goes. This weekend we took the RV to High Goal Farm again for two days of agility. The weather was a little better than last time but it got really hot on Sunday. Poor Robin still wasn't feeling too good ( she had pee pee problems) for her first class and it was a disaster but she and Dad got better as the weekend progressed. However just when I thought they would Q she cheated on her weave poles. Well I had a little more success. My first jumpers class Open had 3 tunnels but fortunately nooo monstsers. I did run past the first one-Mom's fault- but in Open I get a second chance and I did Q to finish my Open JWW title and a blue ribbon. Then Open standard in the afternoon I was really good and got a first place to finish my Open Std title. Next day I did Excellent courses and in the morning we did standard and Mom really made me stay on my contacts and had to convince me to keep my elbows down on the table but I got a Q and first place. In the afternoon there were NO tunnels in jumpers and if I hadn't looked at the course map beforehand Mom would have gotten lost, but I saved the day and we got our Q and another first place. I felt so sorry for the judge at the end of the day--she looked really melted.
A word from Robin: I'm feeling better, thank you, but the vet says I can't go swimming until my bladder is healed. Bummer!!!

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