Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost Squeakyball

Hi, Robin here: I haven't posted in a while because it's been such a busy winter dealing with all that snow and stuff. We had so much that it filled the patio and even covered up the picnic table. In places in our dog yeard it was as high as the fence. As a result all of our outside toys were lost. When the snow started going away, Zeeba dug holes and found some of the toys byt my favorite (next to Frisbee of course) Mr. Squeakyball never got found. So one day when Mom and Dad took us for a walk and we were outside the dog yard, Mom spotted Mr Squeakyball next to the inside of the fence but behind some bushes where it couldn't be seen from inside the yard. She called me over and showed me and said--"now remember where he is!" So we finished our walk and I had to make a few detours to dig up some voles. When we got home, Mom let us out in the yard and asked me where was Squeakyball. I thought for a minute, then rembered exactly where I had seen him and brought him back. Boy was I happy--and Mom was surprised that I had such a good memory. Well of course, I'm a border collie!!!
Here's a picture of me with Squeakyball.