Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulations Carl and Robin

Hi everyone, it's Robin here: Well I finally got Dad trained well enough so that we could qualify in Excellent Standard . We're in the big time now. We went to the Mid-Hudson Agility trial this weekend and was it HOT ! It was still reasonable for the first class o f the weekend and Dad and I aced it. Not only did we Q but we got first place and 10 seconds faster than the second place dog. We already have 2 legs in Ex Jumpers and I was hoping we'd finish that title this weekend but it was not to be. We got a little frazzled on the jumpers course Saturday since we had to go over the same jump 3 times and 3 different directions after that. Dad was a little slow giving directions and I had to yell at him a lot so I missed my weave pole entry.Then on Sunday I got a little anxious to finish the weave poles and left out one pole--bummer--otherwise I'd have had another Standard leg. We were all too hot by jumpers and I ran past the last jump. Just wanted to get my drink of water. ( I have to think of some excuse)
Zeeba behaved quite well for a dumb puppy--well he's 8 months old now so he should have some sense. He met lots of old friends including Lulu his favorite BC puppy and made lots of new friends. They all say he has cute ears.
Hope you noticed the shirt Dad is wearing. He's real proud of my being a NEBCR rescue.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rompin' Robin--and Zeeba

It's such a gorgeous day a romp in the sun would be great, and I'll even include Mr. Z. He's actually fun sometimes when he's not such an awful pest. Robin

He loves that "cow thing" toy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi everybody, HAppy Easter, Zeeba speaking:
Remember the trouble I had learning to bring my dumbbell back when I was learning to retrieve? Well now I can bring a tissue to mom when she sneezes. Here I am getting it out of the box (pardon my butt).
And here I am putting it right into her hand.

I can do lots of clever things when I am home but when other dogs are around my brain just turns to mush--like when Mom was teaching her Foundations class and wanted me to demonstrate how I can go and lie down on a target. As soon as I'm loose off leash I can't resist going to one of the other dogs to smell butt. Mom says its something like adolescent hormones and if I don't get my act together that no matter how gorgeous I am ,my t--t-cles are in serious danger. I wonder what that means?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yummy muffins

Hi Robin here: Boy was I lucky yesterday!! Dad baked me some muffins. Funny thing tho---he didn't remember that he left them close enough to the edge of the counter so that I could help myself. I heard him say "What happened to the muffins? I baked a dozen for breakfast tomorrow". Well I did leave some for Mom and Dad. I thought that was pretty generous. Here's what's left of the dozen muffins. (They tasted reeeeeel yummy.)

Now I also have a story to tell about Zeeba (the dumb puppy) . He woke up from a nap and fixed his eye on PseudoBeC. Now Pseudo's been here longer that Zeeba but he started growling and stalking like he'd never seen her before. Mom went over and moved Pseud a bit and Zeeba started barking and running around like a maniac--round and round through the house like a thing possessed. He finally wound up jumping on Pseudo and biting her. Then he did some playbows. Now how silly is that?Mom never has her video camera handy when things like this happen.
Here's a picture of Zeeba with his new"friend."