Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi everybody, HAppy Easter, Zeeba speaking:
Remember the trouble I had learning to bring my dumbbell back when I was learning to retrieve? Well now I can bring a tissue to mom when she sneezes. Here I am getting it out of the box (pardon my butt).
And here I am putting it right into her hand.

I can do lots of clever things when I am home but when other dogs are around my brain just turns to mush--like when Mom was teaching her Foundations class and wanted me to demonstrate how I can go and lie down on a target. As soon as I'm loose off leash I can't resist going to one of the other dogs to smell butt. Mom says its something like adolescent hormones and if I don't get my act together that no matter how gorgeous I am ,my t--t-cles are in serious danger. I wonder what that means?

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