Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yummy muffins

Hi Robin here: Boy was I lucky yesterday!! Dad baked me some muffins. Funny thing tho---he didn't remember that he left them close enough to the edge of the counter so that I could help myself. I heard him say "What happened to the muffins? I baked a dozen for breakfast tomorrow". Well I did leave some for Mom and Dad. I thought that was pretty generous. Here's what's left of the dozen muffins. (They tasted reeeeeel yummy.)

Now I also have a story to tell about Zeeba (the dumb puppy) . He woke up from a nap and fixed his eye on PseudoBeC. Now Pseudo's been here longer that Zeeba but he started growling and stalking like he'd never seen her before. Mom went over and moved Pseud a bit and Zeeba started barking and running around like a maniac--round and round through the house like a thing possessed. He finally wound up jumping on Pseudo and biting her. Then he did some playbows. Now how silly is that?Mom never has her video camera handy when things like this happen.
Here's a picture of Zeeba with his new"friend."

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