Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Gility Trial

Robin Here: Yesterday we all went to A Gility trial at a place called Green Witch?? Anyway it was indoors at Hi Goal Farm, Dad and I ran in two classes and Mom and Zeeba watched. The people were annoyed because the indoor plumbing didn't work and they had to wait in line at porta potties. I'm glad I don't have to wait in line and Mom or Dad just carries baggies for when I take care of my business. I was really excited about been out and about after a couple of months of no trials so I forgot to watch Dadevery second and I missed a couple of directionsso we didn't get any Q's. It was prettydisappointing because otherwise we worked realy great as a team. I also kinda forgot to do my 2on2 offstuff tho I did hit the yellow zones every time. I met lots of my people friends and got lots of petting--dog friends not so much.

Zeeba here: Robin had all the fun!!! I don't like spending so much time in my crate even tho I did have a chew stick. Mom did take me out a lot to sit on her lap so i could watch the big dogs run a gility. Good thing she had a good hold of my harness because I would have been right out there with them. When Dad was practicing at home with Robin the other day I ran across the big dogwalk and Mom had to get over quick to "spot" me. I didn't see any spots aftereward tho--maybe they go away really fast. I even tried the see-sawbut Dad was right there so I didn't fly off. They let me do tunnels without any help, they couldn't get through them anyway mom and dad are sooo slow I made lots of friends--there was even a cute border collie girl puppy with our friend Juliette. we had a good wrestle together.
I also did mycute little play-bows for a scottish deerhound--now here's a BIG DOG!!
Someday maybe I can bein a trial but mom says I have to learn obedience first--I need to learn self control. I really just want to have fun.

Nobody took any pictures--so much stuff to remember we forgot the camera. (I really would have liked to have a picture of me playing with LuLu the girl bc puppy). We have a trial in another couple of weeeks so maybe I'll get to see her again.

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  1. Wow, that sucks about the plumbing!!! Glad the pups had fun, though.

    I used go there all the time to do agility!!! But then my said I hadta work on some foundations first! I don't know where foundations are but I guess they are not there! I can't wait to do some more agility though!!!!!!!!!!