Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter doldrums

Hi Zeeba here: I just got back from a walk with Dad and it was brrrrr cold outside. It was 0 degrees but at least not windy today. Actually it energizes me to want to leap around but when I get inside I head for my fuzzy pillow. Winter is pretty boring except that I did start agility classes. On Saturdays in Karen's class we get to do actual Novice courses so I'll be ready for my first trial --which will be March 20. On Thursdays I'm in Sherry's class which is for advanced dogs. Robin is in the same class. This week class was cancelled Thursday because of snow and I'm not going to class today Saturday because Mom has some sort of virus. So that's why winter is boring. It's fun to watch the other dogs work but I get sort or overexcited when it's Robin's turn so Mom keeps feeding me cookies so I'll forget to watch her. In Sherry's class I'm supposed to learn all about pinwheels and serpentines and good stuff like that . I get to run real fast because we're not training contacts. I can't wait for another school day to come around and I hope it's not snowing.

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  1. Hey Zeeba -

    Cold weather IS boring! Bryce is supposed to go for a 15-20 minute walk 2x/day - we went for one walk today and it was so c-c-c-old that we cut it short AND walked really, really fast! When it's very windy we stay in.

    Hope your Mom is feeling better soon!