Thursday, December 3, 2009

As you see by my picture I'm feeling kinda sleepy today. Yesterday Mom took me to see my friends at the vets office and after talking to the nice assistant she LEFT ME THERE. That's never happened before. Well I had to stay in a cage , then I get a shot to help me relax. Then I got another needle and I don't remember anything more till I woke up in that cage again. Later the nice technician took me for a walk and it was getting dark and I had to stay in that cage overnight. The girls at the vets gave me some breakfast the next morning and Dr. Rosweiler checked me out and pretty soon Mom came to take me home. She was pretty sad that I had the operation but it's supposed to help me feel more relaxed around other dogs.
She said that my brain was suffering from " testosterone poisoning". Robin was actually glad to see me when I got home but we're not allowed to run around together yet--I'm supposed to only walk on a leash for a while. Mom says that I'm being really good so I don't have to wear a cone on my head. I hardly know that I'm missing something. Well it's time for a nap again so I'll sign off. Zeeba


  1. Hey Zeeba, that same thing happened to me and I had to only walk on a leash for a week and then I hadto go outside by myself and not play for another week. Oh and when I was sleeping they TOOK PICTURES of my bones! Hope you are back to speed again soon.
    ps - it didn't help me relax around other dogs, I still want to bite the strange ones that get to close!

  2. Good grief, Zeeba is just too adorable. I *love* his ears. :-) Glad his boy part surgery went well, here's hoping it helps him relax.