Monday, June 29, 2009

F*A*S*T Robin

Hi there, Robin speaking: This weekend was our last scheduled agility trial until Fall since Mom and Dad and black dogs don't like to compete in the hot weather. Dad and I decided to try something new--the F*A*S*T class -more like a game just in case we still had energy after doing Standard and Jumpers. Fortunately the class was scheduled first thing so it was cool and we still had our N R G. We got to design our own path over jumps and obstacles and sort of like "Beat the Clock" collect as many points as we could in 32 seconds when the buzzer sounds and we have to get off the course. There is also a "send challenge" for a bonus where I get to do the obstacles without Dad being too close. On Saturday, the first time we had ever tried it, we picked a course where we got the required number of points to Q as well as completed the Bonus. Well we crossed the finish line with 10 seconds left over so on Sunday Dad made a better plan and we stayed on course until the buzzer and racked up 75 points. Guess what?????? That was enough to Q and to take first place and get another blue ribbon for my collection as well as a new squeaky, tug, frisbee toy. So today I get to lounge around and enjoy--too bad when Mom took the picture she had a tree growing out of my head!!!

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