Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Prentiss Therapy dog

Hi, it's Zeeba here. Mom's been too busy for blogging so I thought I'd better get on her case so she could post my latest adventure--which was actually last week. I think I found a new career to persue. It's called Therapy Dog, but I'm still a prentiss. I went on a visit to a Nursing Home with the Canine Company of the Albany Obedience Club. Lots of people live there who have to be in chairs with big wheels . Mom thought I might be nervous but it didn't bother me a bit. We greeted all the folks , then did "demostrations" of how good we were trained and did tricks and stuff. I didn't xactly heel but I came when called, stayed, and retrieved my dumbbell and ran thru a tunnel and got mom a tissue when she sneezed (another dog did that too so it wasn't such a big surprise). I also practised my weaving thru her legs--yes she was actually able to take me off leash without my running to play with the other dogs. This was all fun cuz I got lots of treats and all those people let me put my paws on their laps so they could pet me. After about an hour I started getting restless and squeaking and standing on my head so Mom said that it was time to go home tho I did wonderful for the first time visiting.

Here is a picture of me standing on my head--while dad was trying to sweep up stuff from the floor at home. That's what I do when I want attention.

Since everybody has been telling me what a handsome boy I am I thought I'd ask Mom to post my latest "glamoor shot". I don't much like standing still and posing--I'm really all for action. Mom says I need to learn "impulse control". Does that mean I can't go down stairs three at a time?

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  1. My God Helen...I saw this photo of Zeeba and thought it was a photo of Hex....She looked so much like him it made my heart stop for a second. He is lovely.