Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camping at trials and the trials of camping.

Hi, Zeeba here. Took all week to finish this blog entry cuz Mom's computer was slow. Don't know why that happens sometimes. I'm never slow but Mom wishes I'd slow down once and a while.
We went to agility trials at Granby for the Memorial day weekend .Sometimes when we camp there are "Hookups" but at Granby we were "dry camping" (except for one downpour when Mom was a ring crew and got pretty wet). Dad had checked everything out on the RV the weekend before but we had Hookups. He didn't check out the strength of our battery which meant that unless we ran our very noisy generator we didn't have electricity. We found that out the first night when a beep beep alarm went off which woke us up and scared Robin so she had to spend the rest of the night sleeping with Mom--and it was a hot night to sleep with a Border Collie. The trials were fun for me cuz I met lots of people and dogs and Mom bought me some new chewy things to keep me from getting bored and squeaking and standing on my head. Robin didn't get any of those Q things but she did get a weave entry in a course that no other 'A" dogs could get so I was proud of her. She tells me that DAd is really too slow for her and she has to yell at him a lot.
Mom wants to go to bed now because today we spent the day at the Rescue Border Collie reunion at Sugarbush Farm. Robin will tell you about it tomorrow. Here is a picture of our RV with Robin and I in our Xpen outside. We're in the shade so you can't see us too well.

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