Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi, it's Robin speaking. I am exhausted!!! We went to the border Collie Rescue reunion yesterday at Aunt Kathy's Sugarbush Farm. All those BC's running around loose makes me nervous so I didn't try playing in the pond. Dad just took me around to see my people friends and then we went to play agility. Above in the picture you can see just a few of the border collies who have a new lease on life thanks to the the New England Border Collie Rescue people and the adopters. Zeeba came too and acted like a fool as usual. Mom is still having trouble with that Control stuff. She had him off leash in the agility ring and a boy came in to watch and Zeeb just left Mom to go visit in spite of all the fun equipment and Mom having really yummy cheese. Will he ever GROW UP????

Then after lunch Mom and Aunt Kathy arranged a surprise for Dad (his birthday number 75 is coming up soon--let's see, that's only 10 in border collie years--so it's no wonder he is still pretty spry). There was a cake with MY picture on it and Happy Birthday for everybody to share. Dad was helping BBQ hamburgers for lunch and he was REALLY surprised. Then in the raffle he won a basket of party stuff. I'm glad to be home with MY OWN pond and no other border collies to crowd me. (Zeeba doesn't count cuz he's not a real border collie). Here'a a picture of the cake.

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