Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitties and Zeeba's paw accident

Hi, Robin here. Well Mom always said that she would never encourage the feral cats that hang around here , but she's flip flopped on that. A couple of weeks ago Dad fed a black starving kitty that got so friendly we were able to find a home for it (soft-hearted neighbor). Then a couple of days ago a starving tiger kitty showed up and mom started giving it some cat food and named it Tiger Woods. Then the next day another tiger kitty showed up and Mom named it Priscilla Presley. Tiger Woods has gotten so tame he eats from Mom's hand and purrs, Priscilla is still hissy. Then last night another cat shows up--Mom says NO MORE!!! Here's a picture of Tiger Woods and Priscilla. We're not going to feed the latest kitty who obviously is from an earlier litter because it's bigger and mean. I'd make friends with the kitties but they are not interested.

Zeeba wants to chase them. And speaking of Zeebs, he's gotten himself a boo boo. You know how he likes to climb around the picnic table and even takes a nap up there? Well Mom put our toys on the garden bench when she was mowing the grass in our yard and forgot to take them down. Zeebs jumped up onto the bench and got his paw caught between the slats and then fell off and was hanging by one twisted paw--boy did he scream!! Good thing mom was nearby to rescue him. Lucky no bones were broken but Zeeba says his paw really hurts so he has to limp, which doesn't keep him from trying to run around so Mom has to keep him on a leash. Looks like he's going to have to give up agility class for a while. Serves him right for being such a crazy dumb puppy.

It's time for my afternoon swim so Mom has to catch Zeeba and keep him occupied so he doesn't know where Dad is taking me. Talk to you later.


  1. Kittens are fairly easy to tame if they're hungry. The adults are another story - one of my outside trio (all adults) still hisses at me and I've been feeding him for years! (He just lets me get closer now before he hisses).

    Not a good sign that all these kittens are coming by - there's at least one unspayed Mom cat who will be making more!

    Zeeba, hope your booboo is better soon.

  2. Hope you can catch the kitties and take them to the humane society to be spayed and neutered or else you'll end up with dozens more!