Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More snow?

Oh no, it's snowing again! Look how dad's got me decked out in a raincoat. It's embarrassing. He wants to keep me warm because the vet/chiropractor says I have some arthritis. I don't know what that is but it makes me walk funny sometimes when I get tired. She wants me to take some herbal antiinflammatory medicine but all I know is that I get some extra globs of canned salmon before my meals. Also I can't play frisbee for a while until my feets are better. Zeeba now gets to have all the fun . He's in trouble tho and Mom says no more off leash walkies for him . (He is just the same age as Sparrow was when he got lost for 2 days.) This morning we were going out to walk in the fields--where I love hunting voles--- and Mom couldn't find Zeeba. She and Dad called and called and Mom was getting really panicky. Turns out Zeeba had ducked into the barn and was sniffing out that feral cat who probably is going to have kittens again. If that weatherman is right about three storms in a row, the fields will be all full of snow again so walkies will be strictly on the road and Zeeba will get all crazy when the cars zip by. He's gotten better since Mom has been stuffing his face if he looks at her instead of the moving vehicles but it's an uphill struggle. Well I've got to get back to the window and watch for squirrels and deer and stuff. Oh and I saw a chipmunk this morning. Love, Robin

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  1. Tell your mom to try playing the 'Look at That" game with Zeeba and the cars, Robin!