Saturday, February 13, 2010

Webb Anderson lesson

HI there, it's Robin here. Dad and I with Mom and Zeeba went for a private lesson yesterday with Webb Anderson. He is doing a handling seminar this weekend at our club but we weren't able to go the whole weekend so we just signed up for an hour of his time. Wow! Dad sure learned a lot about how to run with me. Webb said that I'm such a dedicated herding dog that jumping is not a real priority (well I already know that.) tho I like to jump, herding Dad is much more to my liking. He showed Dad how to set a line (of travel not fishing) so that I would always have a chance to see him and know where I was going a long time ahead. We tried it out and it worked real well -except when Dad forgot. Then of course I have to yell at Dad. Mom wanted to find out why Zeeba sometimes drops bars even tho he's capable of jumping the moon, but of course during the lesson no bars did fall. Zeeba had to show off tho by jumping the triple backwards from a standstill just for the fun of it and lots of other stuff as well .Just because Mom is looking at a jump, Zeeba wants over. It's sort of a control issue but Zeebs sure does have fun. I thought there was a chance I'd have some peace in my life because Webb kept asking Zeeba if he wanted to go home with him. I guess he likes tri Shelties. but--no such luck. We didn't take any pictures but if you can find Mom's profile page on Facebook Lois Fricke posted some photos on her wall from Thursday's class with Sherry.

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  1. I can understand why anyone would want to take Zeeba home as he is ADORABLE!