Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is here

Hi, it's Robin reporting: Sunday Mom took this picture to share of the cherry blossoms against the clear blue sky. On our walk this morning we noticed that the shadbush was blooming, the red maples are shedding their pollen and all kinds of birds are singing including the chipping sparrows which have been away for the winter. There is coltsfoot in bloom along the road and dandylions are popping up in the dog yard. Mom thinks that she'll have to cut the grass next week. A soft spring rain started just as we went out and I think I heard thunder in the distance . Oh Oh!!!
Zeeba has some stuff to report: Mom and I went to agility class yesterday and learned that there are still some things we need to work on like weave entries when I'm running real fast and going from obstacle focus back to handler focus so I go into the tunnel instead up the A-frame. And Mom still needs to support me until I'm committed to an obstacle--I am still a novice dog after all. ( Notice we don't use babydog any more.) I like seeing my friends at class, but most of all I like RUNNING and JUMPING. Robin didn't come because she doesn't like indoor class because of the static shocks. She is sooooo sensitive but I'm, tough. Love, Zeeba

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  1. If you are not babydog then it's time for your mum to get another babydog. I know where she can get one.