Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canie Company visit

Hi everybody it's Zeeba here. Yesterday I went with the AOC Canine Company to do a show for the elder folks at Hawthorne Ridge. We get to show them how well trained we are and demonstrate how we got that way. My job was recalls and retrieving and jumping and a little agility stuff. I showed how we started learning signals too. We also got to do trix and Abbey the Border collie shared her Yuppy Puppy treat machine with me and we took turns helping ourselfs by pushing the lever. Of course I didn't want that to end. I made everybody laugh when I was supposed to get mom a tissue when she sneezed cuz I pulled 6 out of the box before I brought her one. I would have shredded them too if I had time. Finally we showed how we could stay still while our Moms were out of the room even if people clapped or offered us cookies. That's hard for me since I'm a man of action. After the show we went around so people could pet us and tell us how wonderfulwe were.

Robin doesn't have anything to report except that the chipmunks were late getting up this morning since it was only 13 degrees outside. Now I wish that I hadn't left all my undercoat in the wastebasket!

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