Friday, June 24, 2011

Bad Hair Day at TMAC

Hi, Zeeba here--I had to share this photo that Mr. Rosen took at the TMAC trial cuz it shows that I can really have a "bad hair day". Anyway agility is fun and I especially like to play with the see-saw. Sometimes I do it without even being asked, then wait to see if anyone is handy with a treat. Mom doesn't have much time to help us with bloggin' because she always seems to be mowing grass. If it wouldn't rain so much the grass wouldn't grow so high. anyway, this Spring my big accomplishments were earning a CD in obedience and a MXJ in agility. Our next trial is next weekend then not again until the end of July when we go to Vermont. I'm getting lots of points (almost 300 already) but Mom wishes I would get more QQ's. I only have 3, but then again I'm not even 3 years old yet.
Well I have to go and watch Mom pull weeds out of the garden--really nasty cuz she also gets ticks and poison ivy. I'm glad I don't get poison ivy--ticks are bad enough.
Robin says "Hello" but doesn't have much news to report except that she's been doing lots of swimmin.

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